Project #6044 - The DEA is underfunded, which creates difficulties in its ability to wage the War on D

The DEA is underfunded, which creates difficulties in its ability to wage the War on Drugs.


Content: The successful proposal will include:


A paragraph that defines the purpose of your project (what do you want to see happen as a result of the project?) and identifies the problem and solution(s).

A paragraph that identifies the audience and gives some background on its place in the argument.

A paragraph that identifies your audience's position.

Proposed research and discussion of the sources you have found so far.



The title page should have your name, the instructor's name, class, date, and your original title for the paper.

Pages should be numbered.

The paper should be 1-2 pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages.

Use APA to format the paper. Be sure to include a References page.

Course Project Part 2: Peer Review


For Part 2 of your project, you will create a draft of your presentation (the draft will be later revised and submitted as part of the Course Project Parts 3 and 4). In your presentation, you must thoroughly describe to the audience the problem you have isolated and your proposed solution (s). You will be required to use all media necessary to convince your particular audience of your claim; the media may include but are not limited to PowerPoint, web site, or video. (All media can be contained/housed within a PowerPoint presentation).


The successful presentation will include content, visuals, and references. As a general guideline, web sites should be at least three pages, videos should be 3-7 minutes, and PowerPoint presentations should include 10-15 slides.


Your presentation can be developed in a number of formats: PowerPoint, video, website, etc. You will need to analyze the results from your research and statistically represent the data using graphs, charts, tables, etc.


Presentation Requirements


Your presentation should contain bulleted points and should be visually pleasing.

You may include your recorded narration into the presentation.

Consider your audience and use clip-art, animation, templates and fonts that best communicate the information.

Research your articles and books on the Internet and via the ECPI Online Library. You must use credible sources. Wiki’s and blogs are unacceptable sources. Create a References page to list your sources.

Course Project Part 3: Draft of E-Portfolio


In Unit 4 you will create and submit a draft of an E-Portfolio, which will house the presentation you created in Units 1-3, as well as other ECPI work you created in other courses. (Your E-Portfolio final project will be submitted in Unit 5). E- Portfolios serve to provide a positive, professional online presence; showcase talent and work; and integrate educational experience. You can use or any similar program to create this website.


Items to include in your E-Portfolio


The sample assignments you include in your E-Portfolio must represent the full scope of work you have completed in Arts and Sciences. Your E-Portfolio must demonstrate learning in the following areas:


Social Sciences

Computer Literacy



You will need to include at least three samples of work. Please note overlapping of required learning areas is inevitable. For instance, a Power Point presentation for a Psychology class would cover the Social Sciences requirement and the Computer Literacy requirement, but it could also demonstrate statistics if you did a survey (Math requirement), and writing (Communications requirement).


The presentation that you developed in Units 1-3 of a problem and solution related to your field of study or career field.

A sample writing piece from a previous class.

A sample individual presentation (PowerPoint or Prezi) OR written assignment from a previous class. This sample should be from a different class than the one that fulfills the requirement for # 2 above.

Minimum Requirements


You must complete this project individually.

An opening or HOME page with your name and menu (navigation) tabs. It should be pleasing to the eye, appropriate, and professional.

A current resume if you have one. If not, include a link where you may place a resume after you have completed your Career Orientation course. If you do not yet have a resume, you will not be penalized.

A page for outside organizations you are involved with, such as professional societies and charities.

Keep in mind that these are the minimum requirements. I strongly encourage you to “run with this” and add more (video, music, links). There are no limits as long as you keep it professional and appropriate.


Here are two links to sample e-portfolios that may help you as you create your own:


You may find other templates or samples that suit your needs, and that is fine.


Course Project Part 4: Final E-Portfolio


This is the final version of the e-portfolio, the culmination of your work for this course.




McCloud, R. (n.d.). Using eportfolios for engaged learning: A handbook for Retrieved from


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