Project #60118 - formal anlytical report

Produce a formal technical report on a narrowly defined topic that has relevance and value for a particular . . .

Assignment #9 – Formal Analytical Report

Assignment 9 involves several steps to help you move through a large project: Assignments 3 and 8 serve as preliminary components.

Assignment #9 - Overview
Produce a formal technical report on a narrowly defined topic that has relevance and value for a particular segment of the American workforce and/or college students (such as certain business fields, government agencies, social organizations, educational institutions, non-profit agencies, prospective graduates in major fields of study, etc.) or the public in general.

Your report must be based on research from at least 5 credible, reliable, timely sources. It must thoroughly summarize the current information and provide appropriate interpretation/analysis/commentary that will enable your audience to make effective use of the information.

It is critical that you do not choose a topic involving faith, values or one in which you have a strong personal bias. The purpose of the report is to provide objective information. Ideally, you will find a topic about which you can learn something in the process.

Your report must do the following:

• Accurately summarize the current information on your topic
• Specify why the research you’ve done is appropriate at this time
• Identify, explain and evaluate any alternative options or arguments, including the strengths and limitations of each
• Present your own conclusions, relevant to your topic question, based on your evaluation of the information, instead of, say, personal bias
• Provide any additional considerations that might affect readers’ actions

Assignment #9 – The Topic
Your topic must be expressed as a question that appropriately identifies the focus of your research. See Task 3 for instructions on how to submit your topic.

Assignment #9 – Components

Your final report should have the following elements in this order:
• Title page
• Transmittal letter
• Table of contents
• List of tables and figures
• Executive summary
• A minimum of 1500 / maximum of 3000 words of text interpreting your data (all reports must include a minimum of two visuals)
• Works cited
• Other supplementary material (glossary, if appropriate; appendices; etc.) as needed)
Format Instructions
Post your completed assignment via Course Tools > Assignments > Assignment #9 in either Microsoft Word (.doc), or as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file, if you’re using a word-processing application other than Word.

Please Note: I cannot open .wpd or .docx. If you’re using something like WordPerfect or DocX, etc., you must save / print to PDF to submit it to me . . . otherwise, I can’t open / grade it. Thanks.

Evaluation / Grading Details
Your assignment will be evaluated with the following criteria in mind:

• Completeness (all parts present)
• Correct form of each component, such as the letter format
• Visual effectiveness (headings, use of white space, etc.)
• Correct use of visuals (labeled, titled, introduced, documented)
• Appropriate tone and vocabulary for intended audience
• Development of the topic, organization of content
• Correct use of credible sources (adequate paraphrasing, accurate quotation)
• Readability (edited for grammar, spelling, punctuation and clarity)
• Correct use of in-text citations and works cited



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Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/06/2015 12:00 am
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