Project #59998 - Calculus III using Maple software - Creating simple graphs

Assignment 1.

Graph equations (A), (B) and (F) only.

Instruction: The main challenge will be to pick appropriate ranges for 't'.

(Basically, just make sure the graphs created would look something like the given pictures of the graphs.)

---- basically the answer for:

equation (a) is the graph (e)

equation (b) is the graph (d)

equation (f) is the graph (b)

I just need you to help me to literally graph them.


Assignment 2.

Graph: (A), (D) and (E) only. Then, identify their names.

Instruction: Try to vary the number of grid points and the plotting ranges so that the picture look fairly nice. Also they should be oriented the same way they appearin the book.

---- Same, the answer for

equation (a) is graph (d)

equation (d) is graph (f)

equation (e) is graph (c)

I just need you to literally graph them.


Assignment 3.

Do (B) and (F) only.

Instruction: Figure out the functions that will give these pictures, and use "plot3d" to graph them and "contourplot" to graph the corresponding contour plots. Keep them oriented in the right way and make them look nice.

------ Basically just create the graphs and match them with the corresponding contours. (I need graphs in both 3d and in contourplots)

Assignment 4.

Graph the curve r(t)= (2 cos t, 2 sin t, 3t) and its tangent line at the point (1, square root of 3, pi). Do this in two different colors. Don't forget to enter "with(plots):"

Instruction: To make the graph in color, enter this command:


which won't plot anything yet but that's okay. Then calculate an equation for the tangent line at the indicated point, also in terms of 't', and use that to define curve2. Use different color for curve1 and curve2. After curve1 and curve2 are defined, enter the following command:


Also, somewhere near the graph, type the calculations you did to get the tangent line.


p/s: I don't really know how to use Maple, so if you're good at Maple, then help me! and oh, the instructions are not from me. They come with the questions given.

FYI the book I'm using is Calculus for Scientista and Engineers.

I'll attach files for Assignments 1,2,and 3.

________Attachement 1 is for assignment 1, Attchments 2&3 are for Assignment2, Attachements 4&5 are for Assignment 3.___________

Subject Mathematics
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/03/2015 12:00 am
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