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How to Keep Your Apartment Clean

Every person has a place they regard as different from the other places, when at these places, they feel more comfortable.   Most people have an apartment, a clean or a dirty apartment has a way of transforming the mind and the life of an individual. According to the report that was released by Rapinchuk, clean apartments affect the life of the dwellers positively. On the other hand, a dirty apartment has effects on the dweller’s health and general wellbeing. This essay analysis how to keep the apartment clean, the effects of keeping the apartment clean or messed up will also be analyzed. The second part of the essay will give tips on making sure that the apartment is in an excellent condition.

Apartments have a way of turning from freshly clean to a chaotic pit if the dweller is not very cautious. Dirty apartments are blamed on various issues that include the size of the apartment, busy life, and inadequate cleaning expertise among others. Whatever the reason the dweller may give for having a dirty apartment, the fact that dirty apartment are a disaster doesn’t change. Keeping the apartment clean and organized is not an impossible thing when one has purposed. Dirty apartments are a harbor for diseases and can also lead to physiological defects.

Keeping an apartment clean has been a challenge to many. In my community, many of the students don’t value cleanliness. Most of the people have a thought at one point or the other, “What is the reason for cleaning the apartment if it will get dirty all again?”  Keeping the apartment clean helps in eliminating diseases among other things. A regularly cleaned house is easier to clean than a house that is piled up with dirt.

Keeping an apartment clean also reduce allergies. According to the reports by World Health Organization, a large number of people suffer from allergies, dirty apartments aggravate the issue. Sweeping and vacuum cleaning will remove the dirt, mites and other organisms that may be dwelling on the dirty places. Another advantage of keeping the apartment clean is that it reduces mold and mildew. Keeping the apartment clean ensures there is no mildew, and this enhances proper air circulation. According to many researchers, molds can be very dangerous to the health and can even be deadly. Other advantages of cleaning the apartments include reducing injury risk; elimination of the freeloaders that includes pests, reduced stress and enhanced rest and relaxations.

The essay provides some apartment cleaning tops that include starting with a deep clean. This tip involves doing a thorough cleaning. Deep clean involves cleaning the embedded dirty first because, during this time, the subsequent cleaning would not be enough. It also involves removing all the things on the shelves and the cabinet and washing them removing all the stains.  In cases where one has inadequate time you to do the deep clean, involving a cleaning expert may help.

Hiring cleaning experts on a regular basis may also help. According to the research that was conducted by Rapinchuk, there is a higher possibility that clean experts will do a thorough job within a little time. The expert cleaners will be more willing to clean the apartment compared to the housekeepers who come on a needed basis. When the cleaning services are hired, it is wise to stick around the apartment as they clean. It is also imperative to pay close attention to the products they are using.

Another tip that can help is scheduling time for cleaning the apartment whether you live alone or share the apartment with friends, scheduling cleaning time will help in eliminating mess pile up. If the apartment is shared, it is wise to split the workload among the dwellers. Specific works and particular rooms may be used in scheduling.  Whatever the system that you may choose to use, it is advisable to make sure that all the places are thoroughly cleaned at least once a week.

Always keep the bathroom and the carpets clean. One of the places that can result in significant problems is a dirty bathroom. Molds, toilet stains, mildew; a sticky smell among others becomes worse when it is left to pile up. People who have live in unfinished apartments are familiar with blocked grime that is mostly found in the bathtub. When the places stay for long without being cleaned, the harder the dirt becomes to remove. A good idea is that all this dirt can be removed using various types of shower spray and toilet bowl cleaner. Regular cleaning of the above places eases the cleaning process.

 Little more care should be given to the carpets. Never let the stains stay for more than a week on a carpet or a couch. Treatment of the stained area immediately is great because some of these lingering stains may turn out to be permanent.  Talking to two of my friends gave me another tip of keeping an apartment clean. According to them, doing a little at a time can be a good way of eliminating dirt pile up. One of the friends states that he has always made a resolution to keep his apartment clean. According to him, many people make this resolution that is never followed. Most people forget about the resolution after observing that the apartment is getting dirty all again.  If you have trouble keeping the apartment clean. It is a good idea to do the cleaning a little part every day. Even if you manage to wash part per day, it has a great impact on keeping the apartment clean.

Doing a little at ago will help in developing a habit and by the time you do it for two months, you will never see it as a bother anymore.  According to my mother, a chaotic apartment invites stress and depression. She states that when a person is feeling down and lazy, chances are that his/her bed is unmade; the kitchen is in a mess and the clothes are all dirty. Borrowing from my mother advice, cleaning the apartment ensures good air and a good feeling. Relaxations and rest are enhanced when one has kept the apartment in a good condition.

In conclusion, keeping the apartment clean cannot be overemphasized. Dirty apartment are associated with many bad effects that the dweller may not be willing to pay. At the end of the discussion, staying in a clean apartment is inviting, has good air circulation and a good feeling. At the end of the day, a job well done invites a very good feeling.


Here's the teachers instructions :


Length: Approximately 3 ½ - 4 pages, or about 1000-1300 words.


The topic: For this essay, you will propose a solution to a problem that affects a community or group that you are a part of. Make this a small and specific community, a community that you are actually a member of: a family, a basketball team, a writing group, a band, a group of co-workers, consumers of a certain product, people who all go to a certain nightclub, etc. We discuss further in class the many possibilities for communities and problems to write about.


Form: This essay can take whatever form would be appropriate and effective for communicating with this particular group of people: an article in a newsletter, a posting in an e-mail newsgroup, an office memo, a letter to the editor, a letter posted on the refrigerator, a blog entry, etc. Of course, it’s going to be a little longer than most letters posted on refrigerators, but that’s ok.


Voice and audience: Address your essay specifically to your exact audience. Say what you would say to them, using the kinds of words and sentences that would best appeal to them. Remember that you want to persuade them that your solution is a good one, so appeal to their specific concerns and interests. Remember that even though you may be criticizing something about them or their behavior, if they are to accept your solution, you cannot offend them or accuse them. Write your piece in a way you think they will welcome and accept.


Structure: You will need to include five basic elements in this essay, as follows:

  1. Introducing the problem: You need to convince your readers that the problem you are discussing is indeed a problem. Explain what the problem is, what may have caused it, and why it matters. Your audience needs to care about the problem before it can consider your proposed solution.
  2. Establishing credibility:  Your piece needs to establish your credibility as a writer and problem-solver. It does this throughout, by means of your tone, your presentation of the information, your recognition of opposing ideas, your connection with and understanding of the problem, and your ability to understand all sides. It might also do it specifically, early on in the essay, saying something about your qualifications as a solver of this problem—your past experience, your expertise, etc.
  3. Presenting the solution: State your idea for a solution to your problem. The length of this part of the essay, the description and development of the solution, will vary depending on the subject matter. Your solution may be a fairly simple suggestion or may consist of a series of steps.
  4.  Arguing for the proposed solution: You will need to convince your readers that your solution is reasonable and will be effective. You can use personal experience, observation, hypothetical scenarios, examples, and/or speculations to support your proposal. You may talk with and interview people in the community. You will not be doing library or internet research, and you will not need to supply statistics or data. Make sure you have chosen a topic that will provide you with vivid examples from your own observation and experience.
  5. Counterarguing readers' objections, questions; counterarguing their preferred solutions: Throughout your piece, consider the objections or questions your audience may have, and recognize that they may have other ideas about how to solve the problem. In your essay, show that you understand what the objections are, and meet those objections, showing why your proposed solution is reasonable.

Grading: 100 points total

Basic MLA format (5 points): The essay follows the required MLA format for header, title, spacing, paragraphing, etc.

Opening and ending (10 points): The opening (including the title) is vivid and engaging, and helps a reader focus on the idea. The ending helps a reader know what to make of the idea and provides a satisfying sense of closure, a feeling that the significance of the idea has been explored.

Main idea (12 points): The piece is clear about what the problem is and what the proposed solution is.

Example and evidence (20 points): The piece supports its point with plenty of detail and vivid example, giving plenty of information, explaining background where necessary, following clear logic, and addressing counterarguments where necessary.

Audience (10 points): The piece speaks is shaped for and directed to a specific and clearly defined audience. It anticipates the responses of the audience. It speaks in a way that that audience will understand and accept.

Organization (13 points): The piece includes all the required elements, is easy to follow, and is organized sentence by sentence and paragraph by paragraph (use PIE!) to emphasize the main points.

Style and voice (10 points): The writing is efficient, so that every word counts. Verbs are vivid and active, clichés are avoided, the thinking is original, and the writing conveys the sense that there’s a writer behind the work, an actual person with unique and worthwhile perspectives.

Grammar and proofreading (20 points): The essay is free of distracting errors in grammar, and it has been carefully proofread.


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A little bit repetitive in the 9th and 10th paragrpah about "do the cleaning little by little"

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