Project #59201 - A Textual Analysis for " get smart"



I am an international student and the essay description is:


Your purpose is to analyze how a text functions rhetorically. You will choose one of these three texts to write about:“Get Smart.” Your audience is comprised of adults who have not read these articles, so you will need to summarize it for them. Remember that the functioning of a text may depend on multiple, interdependent rhetorical elements, so you will have to choose a few on which to focus your paper. You might focus on how the text appeals to readers’ values, beliefs, or emotions (pathos); or you might focus on how the text establishes (or fails to establish) the author’s credibility (ethos); or you might focus on how features of the text itself function—on how it uses logic, evidence, organization, or format—how it appeals to logos.  


When I read your essay, I will look for how effectively you achieve your purpose by doing the following:


  1. Beginning in a way that 
  • engages readers’ interest.
  • presents your analytical thesis about the text.


2. Providing background your readers need by adequately summarizing the text for them in one paragraph.


3. Analyzing how the text appeals to logos, ethos, and pathos by writing coherent, focused analytical paragraphs that

  • make one clear analytical point in a topic sentence.
  • support that point with apt evidence from the text.
  • explain how that evidence supports the paragraph’s analytical point.


4. Conclude your essay by summarizing your main points in an insightful way.


5. Write sentences that are clear and grammatical.


6. no outside resources except the article. 


Your textual analysis should be 5-6 pages long.


Get Smart article 



-I need the summary tomorrow, Monday feb, 23th at 6am

-I need the essay in feb 26th at 5pm

NOTE: I am an international student so do not wrtie hard words or phrases

NOTE: THE ARTICLE is also attached

Thanks and best regards,,

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/26/2015 05:00 pm
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