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OVERVIEW: This assignment requires you to read the heroic Epic of Gilgamesh in its entirety PLUS one of the other hero epics from the list provided. (See below) As you are reading these documents, you should be marking and recording those characteristics that make an epic hero, epic.  Details about the components of the Epic Hero Tale have been provided in this assignment folder. (Also see below) Based on your reading of the two primary documents, you will COMPLETE the following assignment, described below. 

DESCRIPTION:   You are required to write a 1200-word minimum compare and contrast essay of the two hero stories, one being Gilgamesh and the other of your choice from the given list and links, providing all the required components of the essay as outlined below. This essay is worth 60 points and is due 3/14/2015 before 11:59 pm. In this essay, you will have 5 sections with title headers as follows with the noted content of each section:


    Briefly introduce: your hero tale titles; the essence of a hero tale; the compare and contrast nature of this assignment; the areas of content you will discuss; and your unique thesis statement that directs the flow of your paper

EX: “The Epic Hero legend is the oldest literary genre in human history. This paper explores two ancient hero tales, The Epic of Gilgamesh and the story of Achilles in Homer’sIliad. While providing detailed identification information for the origins of the two tales, similarities and differences in their historical settings, and comparing and contrasting the hero elements of the stories themselves, this paper will show how the components of the hero tale established by the Epic of Gilgamesh took on different forms in the story of Achilles in order to appeal to a Greek audience.” 
(this is for illustrations purposes only and is not meant to be a template for you to copy)

  Identification of Documents

              In this section you will answer ALL of the following identification questions that are possible to provide about their origins: (Draw comparisons of similarities and differences between the two documents as you go).

When were these primary sources WRITTEN? What are their origins? (oral traditions how far back?)

What are these primary documents?  In/on what medium were they written? Tablets? Pillars? Codices? Walls? Scrolls? Paper? Stone? Clay?

1: What language were they written in? How long did it take to write them?

2:Who wrote them? One or many? Oral history background?

3:Where do they originate from? Culture? People? Place?

4:Who were the intended audiences? Written for everyone? For a few? For no one? Who were literate enough to read them?

5:WHY – what were the motivations behind the creation of these documents?

  Historical Contexts

                    In this section you will discuss the historical settings in which the documents appeared = what was going on in history when they were created? And what happened in history after they appeared?

                    What impact, if any, did these documents have on the cultures that created them? Impact on other cultures? Impact over time?

                    Compare and contrast the historical settings of the two documents as you go.

  Interpretation of Contents

                    In this section you will relate the story of each of the heroic tales as you discuss the elements of the hero epic formula and how each document fulfilled these elements, noting differences and similarities as you go, remembering to address your unique thesis as you go as well.

                    You are required to discuss at least 5 of the formulaic elements of the Epic Hero tale in this section. See the Resources Pages provided in this assignment folder.


                    In the conclusion, you are required to give your personal reflections of what you learned about each of the societies that produced these hero tales, focusing on what you learned about the human condition and experiences of life in these times that you did not know before – relating how they impressed you and why.

                    You must also summarize how you showed the fulfillment of your thesis statement.

                                      EX: If I had made the thesis statement in my introduction that elements of the hero epic established by Gilgamesh were transformed in the Iliad to appeal to a Greek culture, then I would have discussed those elements in the Content Section especially, noted the changes and why that supposedly appealed to the Greeks better, and then concluded by restating that thesis and how I had proved it.



  Please create an appropriate title to your paper with your name, and class info provided.

  You are required to write at least 1200-words minimum of CONTENT, this does not include title to paper and bibliography. Papers should be doubled-spaced and use an easily readable font such a Times News Roman, Ariel, or Calibri – please use font size 12. NO Comic Sans PLEASE!

  You are required to research in at least 2 secondary sources, NO WIKIPEDIA PLEASE, for the data in the sections on identification information and historical context for the documents. Please QUOTE and PROPERLY cite each of these sources at least once in the body of your paper.

                    When using parenthetical citations, please use author last name and page number when possible. Make sure you use a STYLE GUIDE to properly format your citations. Acceptable styles are MLA, Turabian, Chicago, and APA.

                    Here is a link with Writing Style Guidelines to assist you

  You are also required to QUOTE from each of the primary documents themselves at least 2 time from each document as support for your analysis and conclusions in the body of your paper. Always cite the author of the document, when known, and the document title when quoting from primary documents. There should be a minimum of 6 quoted and cited passages in your essay: 2 from each of the primary documents, totaling 4, and 2 from secondary historical sources. Of course, you may always include more than the minimum.

  You must provide a Bibliography or Works Cited at the end of your essay showing at LEAST 4 sources: Your 2 primary documents and your minimum of 2 secondary sources. You may of course use more sources than the minimum requirement. Please refer to a Style Guide to assure that you format your Works Cited appropriately and that all required bibliographic information is provided.


  PLEASE refer to the Sample Paper written as a compare and contrast paper on two LAW CODES as primary documents of a similar assignment, showing correctly formatted paper into sections. 

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Due By (Pacific Time) 03/12/2015 12:00 am
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