Project #58446 - Professional Writing Two Part Assignment



  • Assignment Seven: Final Project - For your final, you will prepare a report to your organization's leadership andappropriate staff on recognizing cultural differences in a new market. 

    Cross-Cultural Training for Global Business

    Assignment: You have been tasked by either your workplace or a government contractor (you select a company) to provide business executives with a report detailing key insights into conducting business in a specific country. You choose the country.

    Write your report to a primary audience of senior-level decision-makers as well as a secondary audience of middle management employees who will be conducting business in the country of your choice.

    Become familiar with a specific country/culture through interviews (if possible) and research. Based on your interviews and research, create a report summarizing how to perform business in the culture you selected.

    Here are a few ideas to begin researching from your selected culture. You do not need to include each topic. Again - think about your audience. What will be the best way to present this information?

    - Key customs and courtesies necessary for social and business interaction

  • Greetings

  • Gestures that might be offensive

  • Appropriate dress (colors that indicate respect, mourning, love, joy)

  • Interpersonal communication style - attitudes towards conflict

  • Eating customs and preferred foods

  • Formal meetings of men and women

  • Punctuality - different approaches to deadlines and completing tasks

  • Collective or individualistic societal focus

  • Decision-making styles

  • Attitudes towards self-disclosure

  • Political aspects
  • Religious aspects: prohibited behaviors, foods?
  • Tolerance/friction between groups
  • Important cultural values - work ethic - value applied to money, family
  • What do they respect? Value?
  • Competitive or cooperative behaviors
  • Politeness versus factual honesty


  • Assignment Instructions:


    • Include the following: a letter of transmittal, title page, table of contents, list of illustrations, and an executive summary.
    • Include any sources in the document in MLA style, as well as utilize a Works Cited page.
    • Include a glossary of terms, if needed.

    Adapted from James Glen Beggs, Ph.D.

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/22/2015 06:00 pm
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