Project #58329 - Entity Relational Diagram

Data for an information technology conference needs to be collected in a database. The conference has a variety of

sessions scheduled over a two-day period.

Since there are so many topics in information technology, the conference has various sessions for attendees to choose

from. Each track has a title and a description. An attendee may attend sessions in any track depending on their interests.

For example an attendee may choose to attend sessions in the E-Commerce track or the Business Intelligence track

depending on their interests.

Each track is chaired by attendees who are experts in that field and it is their responsibility to select the sessions in that

track for the conference. Each track must have a chair, but it is possible that up to three experts may chair a track. The

field of expertise, to be included in the conference marketing material, must be kept about each chair.

A session consists of at least one presentation about a particular topic. It has a title, description, date, start time, and an

end time. The convention center where the conference is being held has various rooms of different sizes that can be used

for the different sessions. Each room has a name, capacity, and a description of the set-up. Since the convention center

charges the conference for the rooms used, only rooms that are used for sessions are kept in the database. Each session is

only held in one room.

An attendee registers for as many sessions as they would like to attend, but they can only attend one session at a time.

Each registration contains the attendees ID, the session ID, the cost to attend, and any discount they may have been


As the conference is an opportunity for people to network, it is interesting to know which companies are represented each

year. To this end, information collected about attendees includes their name, address, email, and the industry of interest to

them. In addition, information is also stored about each attendee’s primary employer. For future marketing purposes, the

conference director needs to know the main mailing address and contact name and number of total employees for each

company. There are some companies who have not yet sent their employees to attend the conference.

A speaker may be asked to give more than one presentation during the conference but will only present once during a

particular session. The additional information collected for a speaker is their speaking fee, a brief biography, and a

phonetic pronunciation of their name for the emcee of the session. Track chairs are also attendees of the event and their

field of expertise is stored as well. One of the benefits of being a speaker at the session is that a speaker is also an

attendee and can join any other sessions during the conference free of charge.

Each session requires various resources such as projectors, screens, tables, etc. Each resource has a name, description, and

quantity available. The resources are loaned for multiple sessions and it is necessary to track the start and end time each

resource is booked, as well as the quantity needed for the session in order to ensure that none of the resources are double



For planning purposes, all sessions and attendees are loaded into the system prior to the date when registration is open.

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