Project #57654 - narative essay

 I am very bad a narative essays because i am boring and have nothing to say about my own expierances



You will write a first person narrative essay that reflects upon an event that has affected who you are today. (The essay will be 2 – 4 typed pages, double spaced, 12 pt. font.)

  • events should be revealed in a logical and “coherent” order
  • select details that fit the purpose of your essay
  • dialog can add “realism and interest” to your writing
  • limit the “scope” of your story and bring it to a conclusion that suits your thesis or purpose for the narrative
  • Possible Topics (These are only suggestions):

    -        explore an instance when you were bullied in school

    -        reveal how a fundamental belief as a child (Santa, the tooth fairy, or the Easterbunny) was ruined for you

    -        recall your first encounter with death/love/racism/kindness

    -        capture a moment of tragedy and how it has shaped you

    -        dwell upon a moment where you missed a chance at a dream

    -        recreate a moment when someone hurt/helped you


    This is the crux of your essay.  You aren’t just telling a story, or even telling a story with a moral.  An essay is an exploration of an idea or ideas.  Don’t tell the story of how you lost your front teeth unless you can connect that event to a larger, more significant idea.  Perhaps the wild bike ride prior to the crash that led to the lost teeth was a moment where you felt indestructible and immortal – thus the moment has gravity, because you realized something…



    Suggestions to get started:

    -        choose a topic that suits your personality

    -        fastwrite or map out an event from your past (need I say brainstorm?)

    -        capture all the details you can in the first pass, then try to add more (think in terms of your five senses, or six – if you’re lucky)

    -        once you’ve found the right event you want to explore, think about the significance the event has on your life or your outlook on life

    -        how has the moment changed/altered you?

    -        will you ever be the same?

    -        how does the event relate to your community/country/world?

    -        if the moment is significant, why?

    -        is this a common experience? what can others learn from your experience?

    -        what have you learned?

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/12/2015 03:00 am
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