Project #57486 - IRM project paper ( catastrophe insurance )


  Project proposals should be between 1 and 3 pages. The proposal should identify the project that will be undertaken. This project is intended to be a research paper. The research should focus on some aspect of risk management and/ or insurance. The objective is to clearly identify the topic research question, investigate the topic, apply relevant course materials and provide results from research findings. Conclusions should be adequately supported. Creative and current research topics are encouraged. Provide detailed information of the question(s) to be addressed and include details.


List of Suggested Topics:

  Catastrophe Insurance ( MY TOPIC CHOICE )

  Health Care reform

  Health Care Cost Containment

  ERM~ Enterprise Risk Management, key considerations and potential solutions

  FEMA Reform, may consider process improvement, (after Katrina)

  Global Warming~ Climate Change and implications

  Government Insurance (Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, Federal Assistance for Crops, federal subsidies)

  Social Security Reform, issues related to funding

  Insurer regulation and solvency

  Corporate Risk Management

  Financial Risk Management

  Financial Risk Management Techniques: VaR, Stress Testing, Scenario Analysis, etc.

  Life Insurance: adequate coverage

  Premium Structure

  Pre-existing conditions and exclusions

  Estate planning ~ Transferring assets

  Personal financial planning risk management

  Employee Liability

  Product Liability case study

  Value of Risk Management

  Retirement Planning: Process, significance, key elements

  Premium Construction

  Underwriting Process

  Risk Identification Techniques: Narrow focus by selecting a specific industry

  Risk evaluation and technique selection: Various strategies within the context of a specific industry, (insurance, non-insurance, hedging)

  Insurance Fraud



  P/C, Life/Health Industry Trends

  Moral hazard, agency problems, adverse selection: real world applications and examples

  HR plan; include mock package for a fictitious company; detail policy, procedures, etc..

  Other related topics subject to professor approval.



  The term paper should include references and supporting materials. Include an executive summary (includes the topic clearly stated, a brief description of the research method(s) employed, and provide a summary of research conclusions.) All references must be properly cited. At least 3 references must be included. Include a list of references at the end of the paper. Please number pages, use spell check, review the research question for clarity, and address the question in the paper. Rough drafts must be typed. Rough draft submissions will receive constructive comments. Make every effort to turn in a well thought out draft with the pertinent supporting materials and logical conclusions. There will be the opportunity to revise the paper prior to the deadline for the final submission. Whenever possible, use quantification, graphs, tables, and charts.

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 03/10/2015 12:00 am
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