Project #57238 - APA format Evidence based practice Literature Review

APA format critical with proper citing with cover letter and proper headings.

Articles needed have been selected already as well as themes listed below.

Topic. What are the best nursing interventions to prevent the incidence of pressure ulcers.

Themes. Bradem scale risk assessment & turn Q2h(every2hours)


N URS 121 Evidence-Based & Nursing Process Guidelines



The final Evidence-Based and Nursing Process paper will incorporate a coherent, comprehensive literature review (analysis of evidence) of at least 3 to 5 sources presented in an integrative and critical fashion, and a reference page, maintaining APA style. Use sources no more than 5 years old.


A Literature Review is a coherent essay of current evidence that has been compared and scrutinized for bias, accuracy, relevance, and outcomes for improving nursing/clinical practice, then briefly summarized. It should review the literature directly related to the topic or problem under study, followed by an explanation of how your research question grows out of that review which shows how you identify your own research focus in term of “gap” in previous research. The purpose of the literature review is to know what others have discovered and how it can be applied or translating into clinical practice to improve patient outcomes.


The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate your abilities to research a topic of study so you can learn to (1) identify and formulate an inquiry question that defines what you’d like to learn, (2) know how to search and locate literature (eg. Journal articles) using library and internet resources; (3) analyze information found in educational journal articles, and (4) apply new knowledge gained into nursing practice, and (5) evaluate the new knowledge/evidence for effectiveness.


Assignment Description:

For this assignment you are asked to complete a literature review on a medical surgical or maternal-newborn topic of your choice. You are asked to locate at least 3 but preferably 5 journal articles on your topic and write a 3-5 page literature review on the articles you’ve selected. At least 2 of the articles MUST be from a peer-reviewed nursing journal article or written by a nurse.


Tips for Successful paper

·  Paper and nursing process should be client centered, nursing plan is created according to client/population needs, evidence of client participation in plan of care (POC), and your plan promotes collaboration (patient and interdisciplinary).

·  Clear evidence that nursing assessments are a continuous process (performed before, during, and after interventions).

·  Evidence of critical thinking and incorporation of evidence-based practice into POC and interventions.


Steps to complete your literature review:


1.   Choose a topic that you are interested in studying.

2.   Formulate an inquiry question that specifically describes what would like to know about your educational topic (explore the use of anti-embolic stockings to reduce the risk of thrombus/DVT formation compared to leg exercises.

3.   Go to the library (website or in-person) to search for and locate journals that include your topic’s information.

4.   Find articles, read the abstracts and skim the articles to determine if they correspond well to your topic AND inquiry question.

5.   Upload pdf copies of your articles into canvas when you turn in your topic and problem statement.

6.   Write your review including a reference list and APA format.


Outline for writing your literature review:


1.     Introduction (without this heading)

Write an introduction paragraph for your review. This paragraph

a.   states the topic and inquiry questions for this review

b.   tells the reader  specific information on how many articles you reviewed and how you sorted the articles into common themes based on findings (results).


2.     Disease/Illness Overview

Briefly and succinctly explain in 1 to 2 paragraphs the pathophysiology of your disease process as it relates to a specific patient population (adult, geriatric, or maternal health, NO Pediatrics).

a.     Explain the disease process (what are the symptoms patient may or may not experience? What causes it?)

b.     Explain at least one health problem, social issues, or co-morbidities the population may/may not have that can influence your nursing care and patient outcomes. Student can be specific or general. (Has she/he been diagnosed with other diseases?)


3.     Body (without this heading)

Before you begin this section, be sure that you have sorted your articles into different themes based on the articles’ findings (sometimes called results). After you sort your articles, it is important to give your sorted groups a descriptive name. The names of the sorted articles will become your headings for each of the paragraphs that you write in the body of your review. The body of your literature review will include,


a.  Theme 1: a paragraph or several paragraphs that describe the first theme that you identified and compare/contrast and/or connect the articles you’ve selected.

b.   Theme 2:  a paragraph or several paragraphs that describes the second theme that you identified and compare/contrast and/or connect the articles you’ve selected.

d.   Theme 3:  a paragraph or several paragraphs that describes the third theme that you identified and compare/contrast and/or connect the articles you’ve selected. Include 2 more themes if using 5 articles.

Subject Medicine
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/11/2015 11:00 am
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