Project #56811 - Research Proposal dealing with elderly


Hi I need a research Proposal paper something dealing with the elderly; listed are some topics, you can choose which ever topic you want of if you can come up with a better topic that’s fine as well as long as it has something to do with the elderly.






Influences on nutritional intake on elderly people with health related issues




Research Proposal on Analysis and Prevention of Malnutrition among elders in the United States




Depression in Institutionalized Elderly: A Research Proposal





A research proposal that involves creating a literature review, survey/data collection, and analysis, This will be an ongoing assignment throughout the semester with a schedule of submission dates found here. You will email sections of your proposal to the instructor via the Worldclassroom Inbox (found at the top right) for feedback and comments. Revisions can be made up to the point that you turn in your final copy. Note: You will not actually collect data from others for this proposal. For more information on the proposal, see sample.


Please organize your proposal in the following order:


I. Title Page (1 page)

II. Table of Contents (1 page)

III. Problem Statement or Objective (1 page)

IV. Literature Review (5-10 pages)
Summarize, compare, and contrast the existing academic literature on your topic. Please write lite reviews in proper APA format. All sentences must be referenced or tied to a reference. Please use academic journal articles.

V. Participants or Subjects (1-2 pages)
Who will you study? How many? How will you determine your sample size and participants?

VI. Measurement (1 page)
What are your key variables? What are your independent and dependent variables?

VII. Your Survey or Data Collection Tool (2-5 pages)

VIII. Data Collection Method (1 page)
How will you collect data? Will you collect various types of data?

IX. Analysis (1 page)
How will you analyze your data? Which statistics will you use?

X. Schedule (1 page)
What would be the timeline for your research?

XI. Budget (1 page)
How much will your research cost? Any personnel costs? Costs for equipment, supplies, photocopying, transportation, etc.?

XII. Institutional Review Board
Normally any research conducted on a college needs to be approved by the Review Board, which is the reason that your research is not being implemented. You would submit a form, your research plans, and the data collection instrument for approval.

XIII. Peer Review
For our class, your classmates will act as the Review Board. Please prepare a brief PowerPoint (10 slides) summarizing your research plans. There will be discussion sections devoted to review the work of your classmates.






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Due By (Pacific Time) 02/12/2015 11:59 pm
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