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FIN520: Corporate Finance

Guidelines for the LiveText Project:


Industry Assignments:


  1. Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry                    (Group 1: )
  2. Analysis of the Computer Industry                          (Group 2: )
  3. Analysis of the Food & Beverage Industry                (Group 3: )
  4. Analysis of Oil Industry (Oil Refineries)                   (Group 4: )
  5. Analysis of Automobile Industry                             (Group 5: )
  6. Analysis of Telecommunications Industry                 (Group 6: )
  7. Analysis of Retail Industry                                            (Group 7: )
  8. Analysis of Airline Industry                                   (Group 8: )
  9. Analysis of Banking Industry                                 (Group  9: )


Project Guidelines:

  1. Select two companies from the same industry (I will assign the industry to each group).
  2. Gather financial data from web sites (refer items 2, 4, and 9 of related web sites at the bottom of this handout)
  3. Discuss the economy and the industry.
    1. Briefly discuss the current economic conditions (A discussion of Leading economic indicators).
    2. Study the behavior of the industry to which your companies belong (whether the industry has some growth potential or whether the industry is regulated?).
  4. Discuss the following matters specifically related to two companies:
    1. Corporate governance, including institutional Vs individual investors.
    2. Any important changes in terms of:

1.     mergers or acquisitions

2.     leasing transactions

3.     any bankruptcy proceedings

  1. Corporate valuation:

i.                        Calculate the Weighted Average Cost of Capital for three years to study and discuss the trend.

ii.              Calculate the Market Value Added (MVA) for three years and study the trend. (MVA = MV of equity – BV of equity)

  1. Collect the financials for 5 years and study

i.                        growth in assets (in %)

ii.              growth in Sales (in %)

iii.            study the changes in Current ratio and Debt ratio

iv.            study the changes in DSO and TATO

v.              Study the changes in PM and ROA

vi.            changes in capital structure (changes in debt and equity)

vii.           the movement in the stock prices of two companies


   7. What is the beta of each of the two stocks? How do you explain the risk with beta?

   8. Would you invest in any of these stocks?

Your report should include:

a.     A title page

b.     An introductory paragraph on the objectives of this report.

c.     Suitable tables and charts (if any)

d.     A discussion on significant changes

e.     Conclusion

f.      Work cited


The project is due week 9. We’ll have presentations in week 10.


Suggested sources:


  1. RMC Library’s Web site, go for Databases / Academic ASAP
    1. Business and Company Resource Center (helpful in finding 4-digit SIC)
    2. Standard and Poor stock reports.
    3. Lexis-Nexis
  2. Smart Money’s Web site (
  3. Value line (available at the library).
  4. Thomson One (Online database),  comes with the textbook
  5. (Yahoo Finance)
  6. Big Charts (
  7. Corporate Information: (
  8. Reuters (





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Due By (Pacific Time) 02/12/2015 12:00 am
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