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Hi, i need help with my business/retail math assignment. The assignment is about Profit and Loss statement. do you think you can help me with that? It has to be turned in on Thursday, 02/05/2015 


Here is the question:


The spring quarter started with brisk sales due to an early Easter spring promotion. However, by mid-May a sales slump occurred. It happened primarily due to “flirty spring outfit” line offered by Nordstrom and Macy’s. This line is similar to that offered by Annie’s on Broadway. Nordstrom’s and Macy’s are located in the same mall and are promoting their new line through television and print media. Customer returns and allowances at Annie’s on Broadway increased whenever Annie wasn’t present during store hours of operation. Annie purchased several closeout lots of discontinued but still-in-style accessories, such as belts and scarves, to bundle with her merchandise to increase her competitive edge against the large-scale retailers. However, this strategy was too late to salvage a decline in revenue for May. In June, Annie holds an unplanned Summer Fun selling event and initiates storewide price reductions of 15 percent on everything sold. This successfully reduces the customer returns. At the end of the quarter ending June 30, 2005, the following figures apply.

April gross sales (GS)
April customer returns and allowances % (CRA%)
April markup % (MU%)
May GS$
May CRA$
May MU%
June GS$
June CRA$
June COGS%

Operating expenses remain the same.

This week, perform the following activities.

  1. Complete the skeletal P&L statement for the spring quarter. Compare it with the winter quarter skeletal P&L statement to explain the changes which have taken place.

  2. Which month on the spring skeletal P&L statement attained the highest MU%? Why?

  3. Compare CRA% for June vs. April. Explain the cause of difference between the two values.

  4. What would you suggest to Annie for the summer quarter, to correct the situation seen in the spring skeletal P&L statement? Calculate and present data to support your suggestion assuming a 7 percent decrease in operating expenses and a 10 percent increase in net sales.


I will attached the template for the P&L (Profit & Loss) Statement below. As for now i can only attach one file. Just let me know if you are able to do this assignment and i will attached further information later; helpful hints, and the winter quarter statement to be compared for question 1. Please quote me with the price. 


Thank you

Subject Mathematics
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/05/2015 12:00 am
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