Project #55970 - social determinants


This paper is about understanding health and how to improve health. The conditions or experiences in which we live our lives, affect our health. These conditions, also known as Social Determinants of Health (DoH), are more important than medical treatments or lifestyle choices in shaping our health.   For example, how long we will live, whether or not we will develop chronic diseases, or how we raise our children. It is important for the nurse to understand the health of an individual in a broad way and in the context of these social determinants.  Nurses provide interventions to help improve a patient’s DoH, thus aiding in improving their health. 




Synopsis: Provide an overview of the health of a selected family from the Canadian Neighbourhood, identify and explain how 3 DoH are negatively affecting the family, and identify and explain how 2 areas of health promotion would benefit the family                                                                                      


Maximum Length: 4 pages, excluding title page and reference page.




Submission: SafeAssign AND hardcopy to professor beginning of class in Week 4. 


**Essays not meeting this requirement will have late penalties applied




References: minimum four references.


Kozier textbook can be one. The other three should include: another text or journal of your choice or a reputable web based site.




  • Develop and demonstrate an understanding of determinants of health and the impact on a chosen family’s health status.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic health promotion concepts.

  • Demonstrate effective written communication skills. 




  1. Choose a family from Canadian neighborhood. 

    1. Briefly describe the family.

  2. Discuss three DoH relevant to the family.

    1. Provide a brief overview (definition, statistics, explanation) of the DoH.

    2. Use specific examples from Canadian Neighborhood to prove why these are relevant DoH.

  3. Identify 2 specific health promotion topics that are relevant for the family.

    1. Include why you chose your specific topics of health promotion relating it to one or more of the identified DoH


  4. APA format must be used for your essay. APA is a structured and specific format for an academic paper. It provides detailed information on font size, set up of the paper, how to reference and cite your information.



    Tips to Get You Started:



  1. Start Early!!! 

  2. Read the instructions and rubric very carefully and follow it closely.  Look at the grade distribution.  Areas with more points should have more depth of discussion.

  3. Become familiar with APA format. Resources to assist you include:

  4. Brainstorm and organize your thoughts before you start - Create an outline or overview of what you plan to write.

    1. DoH - write down some that are relevant to the family you have chosen and write down supporting factors as to why they are relevant to the family.

    2. Health Promotion - Assume you are the nurse involved with this family, what interventions could improve the families being impacted by chosen DoH’s.  Why did you choose this information? Write this on your rough outline.

  5.  Begin writing each paragraph. Make sure your ideas are clear; avoid extra words or sentences, clearly state your idea based on what your outline.

  6. Your paper includes an:

    1. Introduction - purpose of your paper and an overview of what will be discussed

    2. Body  - where you discuss

    3. Conclusion - briefly summarizeswhat your paper discussed and your overall conclusion.


  1. Your essay must have a title page (first page) and a references page (last page). 

    ***It is important that you follow the APA format guidelines on how to complete both of these.


Subject Medicine
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/05/2015 06:00 pm
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