Project #55429 - Money Matter (Pay and Promotion)

Please APA Format with reference page and no more than 2 paragraph per activity

Learning Activity #1 - Is there a Gender Wage Gap?

The readings and videos will provide much food for thought. We have both men and women on both sides of the Equal Pay for Equal Work debate. Answer the above question in the affirmative (i.e. Yes – there is Gender Wage Gap.) Using the readings/videos and your research, support your response. You don’t have to read all of these I just posted some that we used in class


  • Orman, S. (2009). Money matters. in The Shriver Report, 232-235.
  • Alvarez, F. W. (2010) Targeting employers for gender-based pay and promotion Discrimination: The Next Big Thing?Bowles, H.R. (2010) Gender and persistence in negotiation: A dyadic perspective.
  • O’Neill, O. A. and O’Reilly III, C. A. (2011) Reducing the backlash effect: Self-monitoring and women’s promotions.
  • Blau, F. D., & Kahn, L. M. (2007). The Gender Pay Gap: Have Women Gone as Far as They Can?. Academy Of Management Perspectives, 21(1), 7-23. doi:10.5465/AMP.2007.24286161
  • Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Fact Sheet.
  • Eckel, C., de Oliveira, A. C. M., and Grossman, P. J. (2008, Oct). Gender and negotiation in the small: Are women (perceived to be) more cooperative than men? Negotiation Journal, 429-445.
  • Weinberger, C. J. (2011). In search of the glass ceiling: Gender and earnings growth among US college graduates in the 1990’s. Industrial & Labor Relations Review, 64(5), 949-980.
  • Buckalew, E., Konstantinopoulos, A., Russell, J., & Seif, E. (2012). The Future of Female CEOs and Their Glass Ceiling. Journal Of Business Studies Quarterly, 3(4), 145-153.


  • Wage Gap Debate - Oprah
  • Equal Pay Day and the Wage Gap
  • Equal Pay – Women’s Liberation
  • Why Is There a Gender Wage Gap?
  • Milton Friedman – Case Against Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • Warren Farrel – Wage Gap Myth Women’s Salary Negotiations Featured on Orlando Local 6/Navigator Institute


Learning Activity #2 - Gaining Negotiation Skills

What did you learn about negotiating skills that you may not have known before particularly with regard to gender? Are women less confrontational, less competitive, and therefore less able to negotiate successfully? Are men better negotiators? Support your responses.

Think of an example of when you have observed or experienced negotiations. What was the gender of each participant in the negotiations? What did you observe in the behaviors that would either be consistent or inconsistent with our course materials this week?

Lastly, think about your own negotiating skills. What did you learn that may make you a better negotiator?


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