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Needs to be two things done the

FORMAL PROPOSAL and the final paper 10-12 pages



Starting in Week 6, you will be asked to submit a formal proposal recommending ways the company can go green. The proposals may offer specific strategies (e.g., reducing printer waste such as paper and ink; phasing in an energy efficient fleet of vehicles; installing solar panels or wind turbines to power the office building, and so forth), or they may suggest general areas (e.g., IT, operations, production, researching and designing energy efficient electronic/robotic devices) in which sustainable initiatives have been successful for other companies (e.g., Google has been a leader in exploring numerous ways to reduce its carbon footprint such as installing Bloom Boxes at its data center in 2010; other major companies have since followed Google's lead in this area). The goal of the proposal is to generate sustainable green strategies the company can adopt in the short- or long term.

A good place to familiarize yourself with this topic is with Green Business Practices for Dummies (2009) by Lisa Swallow, which is available as a full e-book through DeVry's online library.  See also the Webliography for additional online resources.

Your proposal should include the following parts:

Front Matter

  • Title page
  • Transmittal Correspondence
  • Table of Contents: (All primary and secondary level headings should be in the TOC. The TOC should be designed so that it is clear the headings are not all at the same level.)


  • Background of the Problem: (Provide an overview of problem/situation or its importance. This is a critical section. It should cover three aspects of the problem/situation:
    • The past — how did this problem develop
    • The present — what is the current situation that demands action
    • The future — what will happen if the problem is not addressed.
  • Statement of Purpose: (Remind readers why you are submitting the proposal. The statement of purpose is essentially the same as a thesis statement for an essay or paper. It only needs to be a sentence or two long.)
  • Sources and Methods: (Discuss the research material selected to support the proposed solution and how the material will be used in the proposal.)
  • Report Organization: (Provide an overview of the various sections of the report so the reader is aware of the direction and organization of the report to follow.)

The Body

  • Solution(s): (Identify your solution(s) and discuss their benefits.)
  • Cost: (This section should include individual costs to the organization, but may also include any cost savings that may be realized. This section should include a table or two to visualize what is presented in the body of this section.)
  • Implementation: (This section discusses the steps it will take to complete the proposed solution and the time each step will take. This is usually discussed in days, weeks, or months. 
  • Include a Gantt Chart — a Gantt chart is a time line of the major steps of implementation and the time each step will take.  This is not a project management chart, but a simple x and y axis graph that spells out the specific tasks that need to be completed, and how long each task will take.)
  • Conclusion and Recommendation (In this section you will review the issues that led to the proposed solutions, then state the recommendation you want the reader to act upon.)

End Pieces

  • Sources (in APA format)
  • Appendices (if applicable)

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 02/11/2015 12:00 am
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