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The text book assigned for this course is as follows:

Spector, Paul E. (2012)Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Research and Practice, Sixth Edition (Coursesmart eBook) 
Publisher: Wiley  ISBN- 9781118340677


1.  After a job interview, a group of 87 job applicants for the position of salesperson for a large chemical company is led into a large auditorium and given a paper-and-pencil test of 100 questions to determine if they are good candidates for the job.  The test must be completed in less than 30 minutes.  Which of the following statements is completely TRUE?

a.  This is an individual pencil-and-paper test.

b.  This is a group speed test.  

c.  This is paper-and pencil performance test.

d.  This is a leaderless group exercise     

2.  Private Snuffy wishes to become an Arab language translator in the military, but before he qualifies for the expensive training, he must first pass a test to determine if he is likely to pass the long course for linguists.  Which of the following types of assessments or screening tests is the most appropriate for this purpose?

a.  a test of ability to learn a foreign language

b.  a group power test of overall mental ability

c.  a portfolio of completed translation work

d.  an in-basket exercise

3.  Mark has 11 years of experience as a computer graphics artist and applies for a job as graphics artist with a new company.  Which of the following types of assessments or screening tests is probably the most appropriate for this purpose?  

a.  a test of cognitive ability

b.  a paper-and pencil speed test

c.  a portfolio of his completed works

d.  a psychological personality test

4.  A certain high level insurance claims job requires dealing with many clients and other members of the public every day.  Which of the following types of assessments or screening tests is probably the most appropriate for this purpose?   

a.  a personality test measuring sociability or extroversion

b.  a paper and pencil speed test of manual dexterity  

c.  a portfolio of completed works

d.  none of the above

5.  Sarah applies for a job as a bank teller.  Which of the following types of assessments or screening tests is probably the most appropriate for this purpose?  

a.  a personality test measuring sociability and extroversion

b.  tests to measure math ability and honesty (integrity)

c.  a portfolio of her completed works

d.  a leaderless group exercise

6.  Bill, a senior in high school, is unsure about what he wants to do after graduation, so he visits the guidance counselor who tests him to determine his interests.  Which of the following types of assessments or screening tests is probably the most appropriate for this purpose?  

a.  a group speed test

b.  a portfolio of his completed school work  

c.  an integrity test to measure his character

d.  a vocational interest test

7.  Carl applies for a job as an ambulance driver.  Which of the following types of assessments or screening tests is probably the LEAST appropriate for this purpose? 

a.  a drug test

b.  a driving test 

c.  a cognitive test of his first aid knowledge

d.  an in-basked exercise

8.  The Humongous Rubber Company spends millions of dollars each year screening and training mid-level managers who can be promoted to positions of higher responsibility in the corporation.  Which of the following types of assessments or screening tests is probably the most appropriate for this purpose?  

a.  a drug test

b.  a personality test 

c.  a portfolio of completed works

d.  an in-basked exercise

9.  Each year, a large company needs to recruit hundreds of experienced mid-level managers for its rapidly expanding business.  However, many thousands of persons apply for these high-paying and highly responsible jobs.  The company is willing to spend considerable sums of money to select only the most-qualified candidates quickly and thoroughly, before putting them through expensive training, but does not want to spend large amounts of time on job interviews.  Under these conditions, which assessment or screening procedure should the I/O psychologist recommend? 

a.  a ten question paper-and-pencil test of personality  

b.  work samples from previous jobs 

c.  a portfolio of all competed work

d.  assessment centers with computerized testing  

The following questions are short completion ("fill-in-the-blank") type.  You should be able to answer each question in one or several words.

10.  George, crippled in a traffic accident, is told that,although he scored very high in screening tests for employment, the company cannot hire him because he has to use a wheelchair to enter the office building.  This appears to be a clear violation of the ____________________legislation.  

a.  Americans With Disabilities Act

b.  most recent job analysis for the job

c.  most currrent job evaluation

d.  original task inventory

11. Marisa, a senior at a historically black college, is surprised to see representatives of  several large US corporations seeking out minority candidates for employment.  The best explanation for their action is probably  _____________________ .

a.  a new job analysis forminority students

b.  affirmative acation or outreach 

c.  a university diversity promotion program

d.  a new school initiative 

12.  The SoftWhiz company is proud of its record in hiring large numbers of handicapped and physically challenged computer software programmers and electronics engineers.  The entire first floor of its giant office complex is designed to accommodate these workers.  This shows that the company is following a policy of ____________________________.

a.  "reasonable accomodation"

b.  high technological innovation

c.  cost avoidance of legal fees

d.  personnel hiring innovation policies

13.  The High Roller Company manufactures ball bearings for use in many industries.  Inspection of its personnel records shows that of its 500 nationwide workers, only 7 are African-American, although many hundreds of African-Americans have applied for work at that company before the company screened applicants for testing.  This probably indicates that the testing program is in violation of the ________________________ . 

a.  company's hiring outreach program for that particular state's

b.  4/5 rule for minority representation

c.  job analysis rulings by the US Supreme court

d.  current functional analysis for those jobs

14. Joyce, the new I/O psychologist for a rapidly growing company, notes that turnover among new hires for certain supervisory positions is very high, because the company seems to have no valid or uniform procedures for selecting new supervisors.  After a validation study and further research, she learns that a test for general cognitive intelligence, what psychologists call "g," seems to be the most valid way to tell whether the candidate will succeed on the job.  In other words, the most valid ______________ for job success is general cognitive intelligence.

a.  incentive

b.  motivator

c.  training program

d.  predictor

15. Todd scored very high on his test of mechanical aptitude before accepting a job offer from Superior Mechanics Corp.  However, he failed the training course and performed poorly on the job.  All other things being equal, the test he took probably showed that Todd was a ______________________.  

a.  cheater

b.  false positive

c.  false negative

d.  true positive 

16.  An I/O psychologist is concerned that the training budget for the coming year in his company will not be sufficient to train all the assembly line workers on new safety and first aid procedures.  After some research, he determines that nearly all accidents the previous year occurred on only one part of the assembly line that uses a new high speed cutting metal cutting tool.  Before the I/O psychologist designs a new training program for the entire assembly line, he should probably first conduct a _________________________. 

a.  functional analysis

b.  needs assessment

c.  peronnel survey

d.  SME panel

17.  Each year, airline pilots are required to demonstrate that they know exactly what do do in case of a dangerous jet engine fire during flight.  Since it is impractical and very dangerous to practice the necessary procedures with an actual airplane, this refresher training takes place in a sophisticated flight simulator that mimics the exact conditions of an in-flight engine fire.  Pilots who pass this training are assumed to remain qualified because this simulator training carries over to the actual situation, a process called _____________________.

a.  true positive 

b.  task equity

c.  transfer of training

b.  task-based validity

18.  A famous concert pianist practices six hours every day, playing classical music over and over even though he mastered these pieces of music perfectly years ago.  A competitive pistol shooter fires more than 200,000 rounds of practice ammunition during the year between shooting matches, even though he is already an expert marksman.  Both these men are relying on a principle of training practice to maintain learned abilities called _______________________.

a.  task equity

b,  automaticiy or overlearning

c.  "muscle memory"

d.  neuron superadaptation

19.  A police officer must often testify in court about details of a certain arrest.  The defense lawyer may try to trick the police officer into making incorrect statements in order to protect the defendant   In order to prevent the officer's testimony from being discounted, the government's attorneys may stage a mock trial rehearsing the police officer, asking him the same kind of questions that that a hostile opposing lawyer might ask.  This training procedure is an example of _____________________.

a.  task-based validity

b.  task equity

c.  role-playing

d.  functional analysis

20.  During World War II (1939 -1945) the Army learned that only about 25 percent of soldiers in combat fired their weapons directly at the enemy.  After that war, the Army redesigned weapons training to make it more realistic.  In later wars it was found that about 95 percent of combat soldiers now fired their weapons effectively.  These follow-up studies of weapons training effectiveness were examples of ________________ of the training process.

a.  evaluation

b.  functional analysis

c.  "megastudies"

d.  automaticity




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