Project #54447 - Advertising - public relations (promotional strategy)

2,400 words


EITHER a. Devise a public relations strategy for the launch of a new product or service for a fictitious organisation or b. Devise a public relations strategy to enhance the corporate reputation for an established (fictitious) organisation. Your organisation and strategy must be explicitly identified with at least one of the following themes:

a.     improvement b. entertainment c. growth d. reaching out


Your strategy must relate to one (or more) themes and you must state clearly which theme(s) you have selected and explain how your project relates to the stated theme.


You must submit a report that answers all parts of the assignment task described below. Your report should be written in clear sentences (‘essay’ style) however you may use tables, lists and may organise the report in sections under headings and subheadings (‘report’ style).



State the overall aims and objectives for your public relations strategy


PR strategy and tactics

Describe your public relations strategy and tactics. Identify and explain your key stakeholders (internal and external publics). Identify and explain your target publics?

What public relations activities will you use to reach these publics? Explain why you have chosen this strategy and these tactics to achieve your objectives. It is essential that you explain and justify your strategy and tactics, not merely describe them.



Describe and present the schedule for planning and carrying out your public relations strategy.



Explain and justify the main items of expenditure on public relations and promotions. Identify the necessary human resources required to undertake the public relations strategy.



Explain what would be the best means of evaluating the success of your public relations strategy. Identify output and impact measures appropriate for your PR strategy. What research would you need to carry out in order to assess the success of your PR strategy?


PR materials

You should include two samples of original public relations materials that could be used to achieve your project’s objectives. Such materials may include any online or printed communications which are appropriate for the strategy and for the work of the public relations practitioner or team such as news releases, media briefings, announcements, events invitations and social media communications. The total word-count for both items combined should be no more than 500 words.


The report will be assessed in relation to the general assessment criteria listed below. In addition it will be assessed on the following specific criteria:

·      Ability to explain and justify your public relations strategy and tactics

·      Clear identification of measurable PR objectives

·      Well-planned schedule for PR activities

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Due By (Pacific Time) 02/20/2015 12:00 am
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