Project #54022 - Introduction to Hospitality-- Short answer question

Please finish all 3 questions.



Question 1:

The activity for this unit is to review the study guide and share your thoughts/remarks/answers to the questions/statements for at least 3 of the points listed on the study guide. 

Hospitality Spirit

Describe the characteristics of the hospitality industry.
Describe the interrelated nature of hospitality and tourism.
Discuss what needs to happen to achieve success in service.
Explain the Disney approach to service and the service model.
Describe Total Quality Management.


Describe the five broad industry segments that have jobs directly or indirectly related to the hospitality industry.

List the major functional areas in a hotel for employment opportunities.

Explain the key organizations that support the hospitality industry.

Organize the key goals for furture job placement after college.

Clarify how students can get involved while in college.


Define tourism.
Discuss the long-term prospects for tourism.
Describe the benefits of tourism.
Outline the important international and domestic tourism organizations.
Describe the economic impact of tourism.
Name the major promoters of tourism and describe how they promote tourism.

Technology in the Hospitality Industry

Describe a short history of the use of technology in the hospitality industry.
List why hospitality organizations implement technology into their operations.
Identify technology systems found in hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality organizations.
Evaluate the typical characteristics of consumers’ behavior toward adopting technology.

Why People Travel

List reasons why people travel.
Describe the sociocultural impact of tourism.
Describe sustainable tourism and ecotourism.
Explain cultural, heritage, and nature tourism.







Question 2: Imagine two restaurant managers. One is hired from outside a company and has extensive budgeting, management, and marketing experience, but no direct foodservices experience. The other works up through the ranks to arrive at the restaurant manager position. What are the possible strengths and weaknesses that each manager could bring to the job? What criteria would you use to differentiate one type of manager from the other?



Question 3: For this Unit, "Hospitality Spirit", I would like you to go to NationsRestaurant News or American Hotel & Lodging Association . These websites are a great place to find out what hospitality organizations are doing with respect to serving their customers. Other website searches may also be valuable in finding current information regarding service in the hospitality industry. The activity is to find at least one article or advertising that discusses issues concerning service within a hospitality organization. If the headlines lack service related stories conduct a search on the site to find other current events regard challenges or examples of the service component. After finding current corporate information regarding their efforts in providing for customer service, please post a short summaryof the information. Think about how the company's actions will affect the service provided to their customers.



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