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1.In an electric car, regenerative braking is used to recharge batteries.

The principle of regenerative braking involves converting the

kinetic energy of the vehicle into energy stored in a battery. If a

car is traveling at a speed of 30 km/h and is stopped completely

by braking, what would be the energy stored in the battery if the

mass of the car is 1000 kg and the energy conversion effi ciency is

assumed to be 100%? If this braking happens at a constant rate for

5 seconds, what is the average rate of power transfer?

2.The inductance of a coil is computed from:

L = N2μA


where L is the inductance in Henrys, N is the number of windings,

A is the cross-section area of the core, and μ is the permeability

of the medium. An inductor of 2 cm core diameter and 200

turns in the coil is 6 cm long. If the current fl owing through the

conductor is 0.5 A and the permeability of the medium is 1.257E-6

N /m, compute the energy stored in the coil.

3.The velocity in a system is expressed in the following


v = 2t2m/ s, 0 ≤ t ≤ 5

v = 50m/ s, 5 < t ≤ 20

If the damping coeffi cient B = 10 Ns/m, plot the power dissipated

through this damper as a function of time. How much is the total

energy dissipated over the time period of 20 seconds?

4.For mechanical translation, rotation, hydraulic, and electric

domains draw a tetrahedron of state. For each case write the relevant

variables for each domain at the four corners and write down

the relationships between these variables.

5.Consider two electrical conductors of the same material and

length. One is 0.5 mm in diameter, and the other one is 1 mm. For

the same potential difference applied across both these conductors,

which will allow higher current?

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