Project #53541 - Personal Finance: Insurance Paper




Background: Students are learning about different types of insurance (Health Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Life Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Renters Insurance.) In addition to learning about the differences between various types of insurance, ways to adjust and change protection and premiums, students will complete a performance task that asks them to research the problems between over-insuring or under-insuring property.



  1. Like taxes and death, insurance is a sad reality for many Americans. From health insurance to life insurance, American’s spend money on a monthly or yearly basis to protect themselves from a disaster. Students will pick a type of insurance: either automobile insurance or health insurance, and write a few paragraphs about the hardships or issues with over insuring or under insuring an automobile or health insurance. Students should look at existing conditions, being dropped from a policy, and/or the problems with over-insuring or under-insuring a vehicle.


  1. Students will get a price quote for full-coverage for 3 different automobiles of the student’s choice. Students must give an explanation of the car they chose to insure and the reason why they chose this automobile. Students will determine ways to reduce premium costs through discounts or other methods. Students will be responsible for listing and explaining what they did in order to lower costs. (


  1. Students will conduct interviews of 3 different adults to determine if Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) is having an impact the way it was intended to. Questions to ask:

    1. Do you currently have health insurance provided for you by your work?

    2. If not, have you purchased health insurance through Obamacare? If you do, would you consider switching to Obamacare?

    3. Do you think that Obamacare coverage is affordable for the average working class American?

    4. Do you think it is the government’s responsibility to help provide health insurance?

After students have finished 3 interviews, they will use the answers to answer the following question in paragraph form: Is the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) an effective way of making health insurance more affordable to the average American?


0-3 Points

4-6 Points

7-10 Points

Part I

Student does not complete Part 1; does not write more than one paragraph; does not write about the problems with insuring automobiles.

Student does not write more than one paragraph; student does not complete answer both parts of the task; student completes the entire task but does not use useful articles.

Student answers and completes both parts of the task; student includes risks and problems with both over-insuring an automobile and under-insuring an automobile. If they choose health insurance, they find out the possible pitfalls of health insurance coverage, including dropped coverages for pre-existing conditions.

Part II

Student does not get an automobile coverage quote; student gets a quote for insurance but does not address how to reduce costs. Student gives no explanation for why they chose the specific car or student does not choose a specific car.

Student does not answer both ways to reduce costs (through coverage reduction and through discount. Student picks a car but does give a reason for picking this car and consequently cannot identify ways to reduce coverage. Student does not find information for all 3 cars.

Student correctly obtains an insurance quotes for all vehicles.  Student also identifies an automobile and the rationale behind this choice. Students also explain various ways to reduce premium costs through both coverage adjustments and through discounts.

Part III

Student does not conduct interviews. Student does not answer the question. Student makes little to no comparison between the interviews and the task.

Student does not fully complete all interviews, or does not use the information to fully answer the question at hand. Student does not focus on the financial impacts of Obamacare on the average American.

Student conducts all interviews and has a transcript of the interviews. They cite the quotes/interviews in their summary of Obamacare and use it to accurately answer the question.  


Please feel free to reach out to me concerning this assignment.

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 01/15/2015 12:00 am
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