Project #53512 - HRM: Succession Planning

Selecting Your Organization

Tasks to complete:

·         Select a publicly traded organization that has undergone a change in leadership over the last 5 to 8 years. I selected Wal-Mart for this assignment! New CEO in 2014!

·         Gain Instructor approval for your selected organization. You must submit your organization by Day 3 of this week: (Jan., 11, 2015). DONE!


To complete this Assignment, respond to the following in a 4- to 5-page paper:

  • Analyze corporate succession plans.
    • Briefly describe the organization that you have chosen.
      • What services does your organization provide?
      • How long has this organization been in the industry?
      • What is the organization’s mission statement?
    • Summarize the change in leadership that this organization has undergone in the last 5 to 8 years.
      • Identify who the predecessor is, as well as his or her leadership style.
      • Identify who the successor is, as well as the general competencies that make him or her the right candidate to assume this leadership role.
      • Include whether this change in leadership was due to an unforeseen circumstance, such as death, disability, disaster, or resignation, or if it was a foreseen succession, such as a planned retirement.
    • Identify the type of succession plan, if any, that this organization had in place.  Support your answer with specific references to information found in your research.
      • Did this organization have a formalized system of succession?
        • If yes, describe which of the five generations of the succession planning life cycle your organization was in during this change in leadership.
        • If no, describe the negative effects that this lack of preparation might have had on the organization.

o    Describe the role talent management played in the selection process, positive or negative.

  • Evaluate the strategic alignment of the CEO, board of directors, and human resource (HR) professionals in succession planning.
    • Which member of the “triumvirate” had, or might have had, the most influence on the selection of the organization’s new leader?
      • Support your answer by describing the steps or roles this member took to develop or select the successor.

·         Describe the strategic relationship between these three players. For example, did all contribute to the process of finding a successor? Did each member appear to be supportive and invested in the succession process?


Note: Your Assignment must include six references to support your writing.


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 01/15/2015 05:00 pm
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