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Question 1:

A committee of 5 people is to be chosen from a group of 8 women and 10 men.

a.      How many different committees are possible?

b.      How many are possible if the following restrictions are enforced;

    1. The committee must feature both men and women?

d.      The committee must feature 3 women and two men?

e.      The committee must have more women than men?




Question 2:

Consider the word MATHEMATICS.

b.How many of these start with the letter M?

c.How many of the arrangements in part a have the T’s together?


Question 3:

1.      Simplify each expression and write it without using factorial notation.



(n + 4)!



(n + 2)!








(n − r + 1)!


(n − r − 2)!



Question 4:

Investigate a lottery competition somewhere in the world. Explain how the lottery works, and what needs to happen for someone to win the jackpot, and at least one of the minor prizes.

Calculate the probability of winning each of the prizes you described, giving a full explanation of your work.
Consider the cost of playing. Do you think the prizes on offer are fair? If not, why not, and why do you think people continue to play? 

Question 5:


A Poker hand consists of 5 cards dealt at random from a deck of 52 cards. There are 2,598,960 possible hands (52C5). How many of those hands include exactly two Queens? (Hint: You need two of the four queens, and three cards from those that are not queens)




Question 6:

A class of 8 students are giving presentations. The teacher needs to put them in order. Arun does not want to first or last. In how many different ways could the order be arranged to keep Arun happy?





Question 7:


Chelsea play 38 league games in a season. Their probability of losing each game is 0.25. If they lose fewer than 8 games, they will win the league. What is the probability they win the league?

remember the steps:

Should you?

Could you?

The mean and standard devation.

The boundreies?

The z-scores?

The table.

Subject Mathematics
Due By (Pacific Time) 01/11/2015 06:00 pm
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