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Unit 5 Urbanization & Industrialization Objectives

   1.   to understand when, where and why did both (urbanization & industrialization) occurred

   2.   to learn about the conditions from which each originated

   3.   to understand what problems Americans faced living in cities & working in factories 

   4.   to learn how turn of the century American cities evolved in order to accommodate growing populations

   5.   Urban Culture: to understand what factors gave rise to the Department Store and how department stores reshaped American

         consumer habits

   6.   Culture in turn of the century cities: to understand what Vaudeville was, when and why it emerged, & the role it played in

         American pop culture. To understand other ways Americans spent their free time at the turn of the century.

   7.   to understand the evolution of industrial production in 19th and early 20th century America (how goods were produced before

         and after 1870 and who made them)

   8.   to examine the roles oil, steel and railroad construction played in modernizing our economy and major figures involved in each

    9.  to examine and compare living and working conditions of the working, middle and upper classes

   10. to understand how Americans viewed wealty and poverty at the turn of the century

   11. to develop an understanding of the music of John Philip Sousa and an understanding of its significance for turn of the century America

   12. to learn the geographic sites mentioned in lecture and related to the subjects




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View videos for unit 5 (2 parts) Urbanization & Industrialization

 January 8


The Conditions of Dependence, The Road to Business Success, The Poverty Problem  January 8


 On the Readings listed above

 January 8th
Unit 5 Exam

  This exam covers the material covered in Unit 5 of the course.

 January 8th by 11:59 pm



Lecture :


part 1:



part 2:




Readings : on the attachment


The quiz will be 11 multiple choice questions  and it is attched 


the exam is10to 20  online  multiple choice questions  in 30 mons

it will open when i submit the quiz  i will send the exam to you than you will end my the answer



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