Project #53157 - Personal Crimes Analysis Matrix and work sheet

Option 2: Personal Crimes Analysis Matrix


Create a matrix to complete your personal crimes analysis. Include the following:


·         Differentiate between assault, battery, and mayhem.

·         Identify and explain kidnapping and false imprisonment.

·         Compare and contrast between rape and statutory rape.

·         Choose two states and compare the definitions and punishment for these crimes.


Include a reference section with at least four references in the matrix.

Write a 350-word comparative summary following the matrix that includes the required comparisons for each set of crimes.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.




Week Three Worksheet


Match the items in the Case Summary column to the Options in the right column by entering the correct corresponding alphabetical letter next to the numbers in the first column. Not all options will be used.




Case Summary










Shaun is driving home at night from work on a six-lane road, under the speed limit. There are no streetlights. A man is crossing the middle of the street, and Shaun does not see him. Shaun hits the man and kills him.

A.    Murder

B.    Voluntary manslaughter

C.    Involuntary manslaughter

D.    Justifiable homicide

E.    Excusable homicide

F.    Statutory rape

G.    Malice aforethought

H.    Necessity

I.      Felony murder

J.     Suicide

K.    Second-degree murder

L.     Renunciation

M.   Corpus delicti






Ruth’s friend Mary asks her to drive her to a convenience store and wait for her. While Ruth waits in the car, Mary shoots and kills the clerk, and robs the store. Mary gets in the car and Ruth drives away.






Lisa comes home early from work and finds her husband in bed with her best friend. Lisa grabs a handgun and shoots her friend in the head.






Zachary suggested playing Russian roulette with his friend Gary, because he had a handgun and only three bullets. Gary shoots himself in the head and dies.






Officer Chan is a city police officer who pulled over a speeding car. Upon asking for license and registration, the driver grabbed a gun out of the glove box and began to turn toward the officer. Officer Chan shot and killed the driver.






Ben and Heather have a suicide pact, because their families are preventing them from having a relationship. Ben drives his car, with Heather in the passenger seat, off the cliff. Heather lives and Ben dies.






After a fight with his wife, Tom buys a shovel and rope. He tells his wife he wants to drive into the desert to look at the stars. While in the desert, Tom chokes his wife. He digs a hole and buries her in the hole.






Andrew abuses his son, Joe, which was noted by Joe’s teachers. Andrew gets extremely drunk one day and beats Joe again. After 3 days, Joe dies from his injuries.










Scott murders his wife, then takes a boat out to sea and dumps her body. Can Scott be charged with homicide?









Nicole owns two aggressive dogs that consistently get out of the backyard. The dogs attack and kill Nicole’s 80-year old neighbor as she takes her daily walk.





11.  How does your state’s law define kidnapping? What degrees of kidnapping are effective in your state? How do federal kidnapping laws differ from your state’s kidnapping laws? Include references.


12.  How do false imprisonment and abduction laws vary from kidnapping in your state? Include references.




13.  Provide an example of a recent case involving a computer or high-technology crime. What law was broken? When was this law enacted? What was the punishment? Include references.










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