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Application Assignment 3

The written assignment draws mostly on even-numbered exercises from the textbook. Answer all assigned exercises, and show all work.


Written Assignment 3

Each problem is worth 4 points.  Please show work where appropriate for full credit.


Section 6.1          Problems 20, 36, 42, 44

20.    Evaluate the expression for the given value of the variable.



36.    Determine whether the values are a solution to the equation.



42.    Cost of a Tour.  The cost, in dollars, for Crescent City Tours to provide a tour for x people can be determined by the expression  Determine the cost for Crescent City Tours to provide a tour for 75 people.


44.      Stopping Distance.    A typical car’s stopping distance, in feet, on wet pavement can be approximated by the expression where s is the speed of the car, in miles per hour (mph), before breaking and miles per hour.  Use the expression to approximate the car’s stopping distance on wet pavement if the speed of the car before breaking is 72 mph.



Section 6.2          Problems 20, 50, 58, 68

20.          Combine like terms.




50.          Solve the equation.




58.          Solve the equation.




68.        Topsoil         A 40-pound bag of topsoil will cover a surface area of 12 ft2.

               a)        How many pounds of topsoil are needed to cover a surface area of 480 ft2  ?


               b)        How many bag of topsoil must be purchased to cover a surface area of 480 ft2  ?





Section 6.3          Problems 10, 36, 62, 66

10.        Use the formula to determine the value of the indicated variable for the values given.  Use a calculator when one is needed.  Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

               Body Mass Index. , determine B when w = 130 lbs and h = 67 cm



36.          Solve the equation for y.




62.          Solve the equation for F.


        C = 59(F - 32)




66.        Savings Account    Christine Chu borrowed $4500 from a bank at a simple interest rate of 2.5% for one year.

             a)      Determine how much interest Christine paid at the end of 1 year.


             b)      Determine the total amount Christine will repay the bank at the end of 1 year.




Section 6.4          Problems 24, 26, 30, 42

24.      Write an equation and solve.

               Eight less than 3 times a number is 6 times the number, increased by 10.



26.      Write an equation and solve.

               A number divided by 4 is 12 less than the number.


30.        Sales Commission.   Tito Sanchez receives a weekly salary of $400 at Anderson’s Appliances.  He also receives a 6% commission on the total dollar amount of all of the sales he makes.  What must his total sales be in a week if he is to make a total of $790?


42.        Boat Purchase.   The Nguyen’s purchased a boat.  If the total cost, including a 6% sales tax, was $18,232, determine the cost of the boat before tax.




Section 6.7          Problems 8, 36, 70, 102

8.        Fill in the blank with the appropriate word, phrase or symbol

           a)     The point is located in the ______________ quadrant.

           b)     The point is located in the ______________ quadrant.



36.      Determine which of the ordered pairs satisfy the given equation.



70.      Determine the slope of the line through the given points.


102.    Cable Cost    The Schwimmer’s cost for cable television is given by , where x is the number of months of service.


a)   Graph , for x 50.


b)   From the graph of C, estimate the Schwimmer’s cost for 30 months of service.



             c)   If the Schwimmer’s total cost for cable television is $975, estimate the number of months of service.  

Section 6.10       Problems 28, 42, 56, 82, 86

28.      Determine whether the set of ordered pairs is a function.




42.      Evaluate the function for the given value of x.




56.          d) Find the y-intercepts and e) find the x-intercepts (if they exist) for


82.        Finding Distances.   The distance a car travels, d(t), at a constant 60 mph is given by the function , where t is the time in hours.  Find the distance traveled in a) 3 hours and b) 7 hours.



86.      Adjusting for Inflation       If P is the price of an item today, the price of the same item n years from today, , is   , where r is the constant rate of inflation.  Determine the price of a movie ticket 10 years from today if the price today is $8.00 and the annual rate of inflation is 3%.

Subject Mathematics
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