Project #52798 - Journal entry unit 4 marketing

Unit 4 Learning Journal

At the end of each unit it is necessary to reflect on what you have learned. These Journals are an opportunity to reflect on your successes in the classroom and the knowledge and skills you will take away and apply.

Requirements for Journal Entry:

  • Provide details on what you have learned specifically from the unit.

  • Journal does not need to be in APA format.

  • Journal will need to be at least 300–400 words in length.

  • Provide what your expectations are for the next 6 weeks.

ID: MT330-04-10-Jead the following chapters in your text:  
  • Chapter 9: “Economic Development and the Americas.”

  • Chapter 10: “Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.”

  • Chapter 11: “The Asia Pacific Region.”


In Chapter 9, “Economic Development and the Americas,” you will examine the variety of stages of economic development. In addition, there will also be a brief introduction to economic development and its implications for marketers. The major topics for consideration in this chapter are:

  • The importance of a country’s economic development in marketing globally

  • The connection between the economic level of a country and the marketing task

  • The political and economic changes affecting global marketing

Chapter 10, “Europe, Africa, and the Middle East” introduces you to the different ways that countries come together in marketing regions and groups and the different reasons why countries come together as groups. As you read the chapter, you should pay particular attention to the following:

  • The reasons why countries enter into international market and regional agreements

  • The different ways that countries join together for economic advantage

  • The different trade and market groups that exist internationally.

Chapter 11, “The Asia Pacific Region,” introduces you to a region that has changed dramatically over the past several decades. As you read the chapter, you should pay particular attention to the following:

  • The dynamic growth in the region

  • The range of development and growth in the region

  • The diversity with China.

Cateora, P.R., Gilly, M.C., and Graham, J.L. (2013). International Marketing (16th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.


ID: MT330-04-06-R

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/22/2014 02:00 pm
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