Project #52642 - Marketing Analysis Report


You are to prepare a report on evaluation of marketing opportunities for Beckham Ventures Limited which should contain a table of contents and the following sections:

  •  Executive Summary
  •  Introduction
  •  Purpose of the report
  •  Findings
  •  SWOT analysis
  •  PEST analysis
  •  Promotion strategy
  •  Marketing forecast
  •  Conclusion
  •  Recommendations


Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities for Beckham Ventures Limited’s release of children’s sportswear. Please note this is product does not exist and has been created for assessment purposes only.
David Beckham is world renowned as a soccer legend. With excellent soccer skills and knowledge of the game, he took the world by storm and is considered one of the most gifted athletes of his generation.
He has created an empire which includes fashion clothing, fragrances, a memoir ‘Both Feet on the Ground’ and a range of merchandise with his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria "Posh" Adams.
As the father of three young boys, David and Victoria Beckham want to create a line of young soccer sportswear.
The line will be released through their company Beckham Ventures Limited and their goal or mission is to ‘create an affordable and exciting line of quality soccer wear for every budding soccer star worldwide.’
They decided to undertake test marketing of the product range in one geographical area only to see if it has merit. The test market was Tasmania, Australia and it succeeded! Now they want to launch in your capital city.

Your challenge
You are hired as the marketing consultant to prepare a full strategy and situational analysis around this product.
The product range will be called Beckham Sports Star Range and consist of Beckham branded soccer training shirts and singles, shorts, socks and hats for boys and girls aged 4 to 12.

1. A situation analysis covering:

  •  Market background (description and structure)
  •  Market size (value and/or volume or relative size)
  •  Market growth
  •  Market segments
  •  Consumer behaviour factors
  •  Key competitors
  •  Environmental factors


2. An investigation of possible marketing opportunities and an evaluation in terms of their likely fit with Beckham Sports Star Range.

3. Financial viability of opportunities (Hint: take on board competitor successes and factor in the Beckham brand.)


4. Ranking of opportunities in terms of their viability and likely contribution to the business (Hint: opportunities to work with junior sports clubs, etc.)

5. Changes that need to be made to current operations (assuming they have no manufacturing outlets in Australia. You will need to see if they already have distributors in Australia for their other products; check online.)

6. If the new product will affect any of the other products and how the continuation of a quality service to existing customers can be assured (consider distribution outlets, the existing and potential markets.)

7. Estimation of resource requirements for changed operations (consider marketing, sales, promotion, manufacture, distribution.)

8. A brief communication plan that details the viability of making changes to current operations to stakeholders as required.

1. Items 1-8 (above) are fully described with sufficient detail.

2. The situation analysis demonstrates evidence of sound marketing research applied to the product and the target market.

3. Marketing opportunities are identified, ranked and evaluated.

4. A description of the changes that would affect operations and the impact the product has on other products and in the provision of a quality service to existing customers.

5. A summary of the resource requirements with financial estimates.

6. Appropriate recommendations/conclusion.

7. The report contains the dot points as headings in the report with the ‘Findings’ section including items 1-7 above and item 8 found within the Recommendations/Conclusion.

8. The report length was adhered to + or – 10%.


include refferences, bibliopgraphy, appendices if appropriate

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/29/2014 12:00 am
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