Project #52466 - phyics

#1 A handyman purchased a ladder from the Awkward Size Store that is 1.28m. Express this in


#2 A racing snail travels at a wicked 1.5 inches per second. Express this in miles per hour.

#3 G.I. Joe’s Land-Air-Military Engine (LAME) travels on land at speeds up to 170 miles per

hour. Express this in feet per minute.

#4 A ball is launched from a negligible height at a velocity of 168 m/s at an angle of 65° above

the horizontal.

a) What is the vertical velocity 2.3 s after launch?

b) What is the horizontal velocity 2.3 s after launch?

c) What is the total velocity after launch?

d) What is the height of the mortar 2.3 s after launch?

e) What is the horizontal distance 2.3 s after launch?

f) What is the total displacement 2.3 s after launch?

#5 A young boy is playing in the yard, and hears the ice cream truck. He calls out to his mom

for money. She pokes her head out the fourth story window and throws him some money.

(Neglect air resistance). The money reaches the boy at a velocity of 18 m/s, 75° below the

northern direction in 2.8 s.

a) What is the final velocity in y?

b) What is the final velocity in x?

c) What is the height of the mom’s window?

d) How far from the base of the building is the boy?

e) What is the initial horizontal velocity?

f) What is the displacement of the money?

g) What is the initial vertical velocity?

h) What is the initial velocity?

i) What is the total acceleration of the money?#6 Jake Sulley is running from a hungry Thanator. He runs horizontally with a velocity of 18.5

m/s off a cliff. Acceleration due to gravity in Pandora is 0.8g. He lands in the water below in


a) What is his initial vertical velocity?

b) What is his intial velocity?

c) What is the height of the cliff?

d) What is the vertical velocity when he splashes into the water?

e) What is his total velocity when he splashes into the water?

f) How far from the base of the cliff did he land?

#7 Matthew is running after a ball handler during a soccer game. He is running at a speed of

4.8 m/s and slides. The coefficient of kinetic friction between Matthew and the rubber turf is

0.55. If Matthew has a mass70kg, how far does he slide? (Hint: Find his kinetic frictional force,

then find the acceleration due friction and then use the kinematic equations).

#8 There is a tire on the road blocking cars from passing through. If the tire had a mass of

135kg and the coefficient of static friction between the road and the tire is 0.7, what is the

minimum amount of force to get it moving? If the same force continued, what is the acceleration

of the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.4?#8 The AOL icon is pushing a computer mouse. The mouse had a mass of 0.17 kg and it was

accelerating at 4.2 m/s2

, (a) what is the normal force acting on the mouse? (b) what is the

coefficient of kinetic friction?

#9 A 250-N force is directed diagonally as shown to push a 29-kg box up an inclined plane at

a constant speed. Determine the magnitude of the normal force, FN, and the coefficient of kinetic

friction, µk.

#10 A car is sliding down an icy road. A good Samaritan decides to push with a force 150 N, but

get pushed back in the opposite direction for 20 m.

a) What is the work done by the good Samaritan?

b) What is the work done by the car on the good Samaritan?

#11 What is the kinetic energy of the Earth (m = 5.98 x 1024 kg) and moves with a velocity of

7800 m/s?

#12 A trucker sees a family of ducks crossing the street and applies the brakes. His 18,000 kg

truck was running at 30 m/s and comes to a stop? If the forces on the brakes with 9.0 x 102


What was the stopping distance for the truck?

Subject Mathematics
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/18/2014 09:00 pm
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