Project #52464 - communication homework


Total points 125 (online recording 100 pts, written outline 25 pts) Associated readings: 
Chap "Speaking to Inform"
Chap "Outlining the Speech"

Target time: 
5 minutes (acceptable duration range without penalty: 4:30 to 6:15)

Construct a five to six minute informative presentation on the assigned topic that gives the audience meaning pertinent and personal to you, new information, new insight, and a fuller understanding of the field/major you are highlighting.

You will use the principles and skills learned thus far to convey what it is about your chosen major that drew you to it. What are you passionate about regarding this major? What has interested you, and caused you to devote your university education to achieve? Give your rationale for your choice, with authoritative and well researched information and background about your interest, and how you see this major fulfilling your own desires and plans for your future. Obviously, if you are a freshman your vision will be based on how things look to you from this vantage point – what you hope it will be. If you are a senior close to graduation, your presentation will reveal to us the aspects of your major that kept you going, so to speak. Seniors may also find themselves including internships and specific career hopes.

You will select a topic as the basis of a five minute informative speech to be recorded as a presentation on VoiceThread. The choices you make about the topic, and your presentation need to be:

  • Appropriate - Remember your audience is mostly a group of 18-22 year olds (plus one instructor). Your delivery should be geared toward this audience. 
  • Interesting - While this is a more subjective term, your topic should impart some knowledge that will, in some way, improve the lives of listeners (e.g., add to their understanding of a particular field of study or career endeavor currently, forecast into the future, or even historically, if appropriate; make them more aware of a certain part of the world; give them a useful insight into skills and understanding they previously did not have)
  • New - Obviously you are not expected to make discoveries unknown to the world. Instead, "new" means fresh, a new perspective. "Old" facts, perhaps, but combined with other material so your approach and your take on it is new for the audience.
  • Something you can speak about with credibility — You should have some personal expertise or authority on your topic. Your family background, your high school activities, your hobbies and experience in your major to date can provide sufficient credibility and authority for you to speak on a topic. Extensive research conducted for this informative presentation will also qualify to give you the necessary bona fides, but in all cases your personal interest or even passion is one ingredient that will set your informative presentation apart and bring it to life for the audience. You cannot fake that!

This assignment is worth 125 points (100 for the recorded presentation; 25 for the written outline).

Your informative speech should:

  • be delivered with interest and enthusiasm, with a conversational tone and appropriate employment and practice with the elements (viz., rate, volume, and timbre...).
  • show poise—for example, good management of inappropriate vocalizations.
  • be effectively structured with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • use clear, authoritative, and "active voice" language throughout.
  • use vivid language throughout.
  • provide evidence for all assertions beyond common sense and general knowledge.
  • use PowerPoint effectively as a backdrop to enhance the delivery, not distract from it.

You must provide evidence for all of your claims. All of your assertions must be supported with external evidence—from a book, journal article, authoritative magazine or newspaper article, and so forth. You must verbally cite your sources within your informative presentation as well. That means you that in addition to writing the citations you must say them out loud in your delivery (you don't need to say all of the bibliographic info. As long as it's written somewhere you can speak aloud just enough so we know who/what the source is, and whether or not we find that source credible).

Again: Having your citations written into your outline is required, but that alone is not enough. You must also incorporate your citations in your remarks. Your instructor will be looking at how well you support your claims. Your instructor may, at his or her discretion, ask you to provide further documentation of your sources beyond the written bibliographic information in the outline and the PowerPoint..

PowerPoint is required for this assignment. Your PowerPoint slides should be uncluttered and simple. They should reinforce your informative presentation rather than detract from it or replace it. A maximum word count of 60 is suggested for PowerPoint slide shows. However, you might feel that you need more—consult with your instructor right away to determine a proper balance foryour presentation.

Please note that your presentation should be no longer than six minutes. At the 6:15 mark, your instructor will stop watching. Thus, you will only be graded on what you perform within that six minute and fifteen second window.

Outline: You will be required to prepare and submit your Informative Speech – Recorded Presentation formal outline to the assignment dropbox.


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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/19/2014 12:00 am
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