Project #52419 - Accounting 101

The name of the textbook: Financial Accounting, Wild, 6th edition 


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Complete the following problems located in Financial Accounting:

Problem 5-2A, Alternative cost flows - perpetual

Problem 5-4A, Analysis of inventory errors


Internal controls


Exercise 6-1, Internal control recommendations

Exercise 6-9, Bank reconciliation

Exercise 6-10, Adjusting entries from bank reconciliation


Problem 6-4A, Prepare a bank reconciliation and record adjustments

Problem 6-5A, Prepare a bank reconciliation and record adjustments




Exercise 7-4, Percent of sales method; write-off

Exercise 7-5, Percent of accounts receivable method

Exercise 7-7, Percent of receivables method


Problem 7-3A, Estimating and reporting bad debts

Problem 7-4A, Aging accounts receivable and accounting for bad debts


Long Term Assets


Exercise 8-1, Cost of plant assets

Exercise 8-1, Lump-sum purchase of plant assets

Exercise 8-4, Straight-line depreciation

Exercise 8-5, Double-declining-balance depreciation


Problem 8-5A, Depreciation methods

Problem 8-6A, Disposal of plant assets




Exercise 9-1, Classifying liabilities

Exercise 9-4, Accounting for note payable

Exercise 10-1, Recording bond issuance and interest

Exercise 10-2, Straight-line amortization of bond discount

Exercise 10-4, Straight-line amortization of bond premium

QS 10-7, Bond retirement by call option


Problem 9-1A, Short-term notes payable transactions and entries

Problem 10-2A, Straight-line amortization of bond discount

Problem 10-3A, Straight-line amortization of bond premium




QS 11-1, Characteristics of corporations

Exercise 11-3, Recording stock issuances

QS 11-11, Purchase and sale of treasury stock

Exercise 11-7, Stock dividends and per share book values


Problem 11-1A, Stockholders’ equity transactions and analysis

Problem 11-2A, Cash dividends, treasury stock, and statement of retained earnings


Cash Flows


Exercise 12-2, Cash flow classification (indirect)

Exercise 12-6, Cash flows from operating activities (indirect)


Problem 12-4A, Statement of cash flows (indirect method)

Problem 12-7A, Computing cash flows from operations (indirect)


Financial Statements 


Exercise 13-2, Building blocks of analysis

Exercise 13-5, Common-size percent computation and interpretation

QS 13-6, Ratio interpretation


Problem 13-1A, Ratios, common-size statements, and trend percents

Problem 13-4A, Calculation of financial statement ratios

Problem 13-5A, Comparative ratio analysis

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/23/2014 12:00 am
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