Project #52312 - Relativism






Directions: Please answer the following shot essay questions.  Each question should have a 1 to 2 page response that addresses the questions.  Remember to support your work with APA references and in-text citations.  Please use proper APA format. 




  1. Providing at least one specific example, briefly describe what is meant by the term, “defensible killings.”


  2. Briefly discuss the basic position of ethical naturalism, commenting specifically upon the ways in which science can, arguably, enhance our understanding of morality.


  3. Briefly describe the difference between descriptive and prescriptive relativism.







Review the following videos that you viewed in the Lecture Notes.




  • Los Angeles Police Department Online
  • Criminal Justice Code of Ethics form for Oregon Department of Public Safety
  • View YouTube video “Rampart (The Real Rampart) Part 1” By “TheRenegadePoPo” (15:00 minutes)


  • View YouTube video “Rampart (The Real Rampart) Part 2” By “TheRenegadePoPo” (15:00 minutes)

  • View YouTube video “Christopher Dorner (Dead?) MANIFESTO.  Ex LAPD Officer's Manifesto” By “Les Grossman” (4:53 minutes)


  • View YouTube video “Rodney King beating and riots — CNN documentary (Full length)” By “Taritrott” (41:19 minutes)




Complete the following tasks:




Watch the videos and review the Oregon criminal justice ethics form, the LAPD website, as well as any additional research you need to do to familiarize yourself with past and present LAPD events.  Based on your research and the information contained in these videos, write a case study/research paper being sure to address the following questions and include additional information you feel is relevant and will add value to your submission.  Remember to include correct APA format with a cover page, reference page, and in text citations. Your case study/research paper should be at least 3 pages in length.






  1. What is the mission of the LAPD?

  2. Summarize the events that have taken place in the videos as well as any additional recent events that you are aware of or are able locate.

  3. What ethical and moral implications do these scandals have for the criminal justice system?  The LAPD?

  4. Assuming the LAPD takes an oath similar to the one represented in the form used by the Oregon Criminal Justice Code of Ethics, do you believe they have lived up to these oaths?

  5. Do you believe the LAPD is on the right track to improve their reputation?  Do you believe what Chris Dorner wrote in the manifesto about the LAPD being worse than they were during the Rampart and King incidents?  Why or why not?

  6. What do you believe should happen when these types of unethical behaviors occur within law enforcement? 

  7. What can the LAPD do to improve their relationship with the community they serve? 

  8. Should there be any other types of requirements for LAPD officers and/or LAPD leadership to prevent unethical and immoral behavior in the future?  Any additional thoughts on the topic of unethical law enforcement?






Subject Law
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/20/2014 04:00 pm
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