Project #52211 - Macroeconomics current event article

1-2 pages APA style 

Needs to include 6-7 line abstract to guide professor into topic.

Current event article related to macroeconomics but does not directly talk about it.

Include examples/relate to it.

News that affect economics but not directly related to it. Have to extract economy part from it.

Needs to relate to anything related to macroeconomics


You will choose articles of interest to you. These must pertain somehow to a relevant class topic (any of the chapters mentioned above) or an economic insight discussed in class. Your job is to analyze, gather data, and conclude how the chosen article connects to the class material. Grading emphasis will be placed on work you put in to show that you can use the economic tools learned in class in writing your paper. You must submit an outline of your paper with supportive ideas and a tentative structure of your paper in class a week from due date, or risk being penalized with 20% of your grade.

Grading Breakdown of Papers:

Selection of Topic                                           10%     is it a current event as outlined in this syllabus?

Structure and Development                             20%     see Gordon rubric above. Is it APA compliant?

Connection to the material from class              50%     your chance to show you had been following class material

Conclusion and provides a possible solution   20%     wrapping it up with style; make sure you have nailed it


Format and Structural Guidelines:

1)      The Paper must be Typed and double spaced. (APA Format)

2)      One inch margins all around the page

3)      Font 12, Times New Roman or Arial ONLY

4)      Every paper must have a Cover Page  (with abstract) and a References page as requested in APA

5)      Select a current event/topic appropriate to the chapters and sections being covered in class at the time you write the paper. Stay away from topics in journals and economic papers that discuss an economic concept directly, such as an article on unemployment, or on economic recovery, etc. You can use, news, cnn, fox, or news from any major broadcasting company in your search for a current event. To ease up your work, you should choose a topic that you are familiar, or have some experience, with.


Use the following to guide you through the writing of your paper.


Content Guidelines:

1)      Introduce your article’s idea: In the abstract you can also include your own idea(s).

2)      What is the article’s main idea? Explain in your own words what the article is about.

3)      What is the issue at hand, what is the author’s point of view, how is the author substantiating his opinion on the matter?

4)      Use multiple sources to gain from more perspectives

5)      End it by providing your opinion on the matter. Here is your last opportunity to connect the content of the article with the material learned in class. Any claims you make must be substantiated with supportive data


Include a bibliography page and a cover page.  Project MUST be APA style.   The article is due on the due date as listed on page 1, NOT later. The use of wikipedia, any other internet blog, question-answer website as a source in not acceptable.  Make sure you use acceptable (recognized) sources.  Your project will be checked for academic irregularities;  you will receive a Zero if the project is found to be someone else’s partial or entire work. No LATE WORK will be accepted.





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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/15/2014 08:45 pm
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