Project #52158 - Basic Statistics questions

Basic Statistics Questions - please show work

Using the test scores below, please answer questions

1.) A student was looking at the 15 tests that he has taken throughout the year. The scores are listed below.

59    63    93    98    50

57    74    75    73    54

72    52    84    91    84

     a.) Find the mean of his test scores.

     b.) Find the median of the test scores.

     c.) Find the Standard Deviation. Round to nearest       hundredths.

     d.) Using normal distribution what is the probability that on his next test he scores above a 90.

     e.) Using normal distribution find the z-score for if he got a 78. Round to the nearest hundredths.


    f.) What is the probability he gets a 59 or less?

Use Permutations or Combinations:

2.) In a productions of Grease, eight actors are considered for the male roles of Danny, Kenickie, and Marty. In how many ways can the director cast the male roles?


3.)For a segment of a radio show, a disc jockey can play 7 songs. If there are 13 songs to choose from, in how many ways can this segment be arranged?



4.)There are 20 members in a club. Five people are selected to go to the state conference. In how many ways can the five members be selected?


5.) Your English teacher asked you to read 3 novels from a list of 10. In how many ways can you choose which books to read?


Use Binomial or Poisson Distribution to solve:

6.) A single die is rolled 20 times. What is the probability that a sum of 5 is rolled:

    a.) exactly 6 times


    b.) at least 4 times


    c.) at most 5 times


7.) The probability that Tim will sink a foul shot is 70%. If Tim attempts 30 foul shots, what is the probability that:

    a.) he sinks exactly 21 shots

    b.) he sinks at least 21 shots


    c.) he sinks at most 21 shots


    d.)he sinks between 18 and 20 shots, inclusives


8.) The number of road construction projects that take place at any one time in a certain city follows a Poisson distribution with a mean of 7. Find the probability that more than 4 road construction projects are currently taking place in the city.


9.) Suppose the number of babies born during an 8 hour shift at a hospitals maternity wing follows a poisson distribution with a mean of 6 per hour. Find the probability that 5 babies are born during a particular 1 hour period in this maternity wing.


10.) The number of traffic accidents that occur on a stretch of road during a month follows a Poisson distribution with a mean of 7.6. Find the probabilty that less than 3 accidents will occur next month on this road.


11.) The number of traffic accidents that occur on a different road during a month follows a Poisson distribution with a mean of 6.8. Find the probability that the next two months will both result in 4 accidents each occuring on this road.


Find the value:

12.) 0!

13.) 4!

Find the z-score. Round to the nearest hundredths:


a.)Find the z-score when x=20


b.) Find the z-score when x=11.6


Find Margin of Error

15.) You work for a consumer advocate agency and want to find the mean repair cost of a washing machine. In the past, the standard deviation of the cost of repairs for washing machines has been $17.50. As a part of your study, you randomly select 40 repairs costs and find the mean to be $100.00.

Calculate a 90% confidence interval for the population mean.



Subject Mathematics
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/15/2014 09:30 pm
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