Project #52091 - SOS, fix one marketing paper

SOS! here is big problem. I write one proposal (about   Samsung Note 4 Phone) and I write one Applications paper(6-7 papes). But I don’t know they need to combine together. So you need to comebine my proposal and my applications paper, specific can see the teacher's comment. Please fix this paper!


The applications paper requirement see this link:


Here is teacher’s comment and my applications paper. Please fix it


This paper does not appear to be related to the idea you described in your proposal (or any specific product for that matter.  What you wrote is not what the assignment is about.





Option 1:  Secondary Market Research Analysis


The below ratings do NOT represent “points,” but rather evaluations of specific components.  Grading is based on the overall impression of the paper.


Rating (NOT “points” and NOT additive)

Research thoroughness and relevance


Quality of sources used


Clarity of discussion and quality of writing


Relevance of issues discussed 


Application to the venture specifically rather than a general theoretical discussion


Highlighting of managerial issues


Ideas proposed are discussed with sufficient specificity to be meaningful (very heavily weighted factor)


Clear demonstration of reasoning (heavily weighted factor)


Quality of analysis (heavily weighted factor)


Soundness of ideas relative to standards covered in the course






Applications Paper score (based on overall impression— noton the sum of the evaluations)         



Please note comments in red in the text of your paper pasted below.


You are not expected to respond to questions raised—these are, however, issues you may want to think about.


Please note that the quality of the paper is not related to the number of comments made.  Quality should be judged by the ratings above.  For some criteria, the rating may consist of a range rather than one number.  This is either because your performance fell between these levels or because performance varied among different parts of the paperYour ultimate score is based on overall impression.  The specific evaluation scores are not additive since not all criteria are equally important and since not all the criteria are independent of each other.


If you would like to discuss this paper, please bring a “hard” copy of the paper with comments and this evaluation form to my office.


The attached PDF file does not contain any additional information but is included because some e-mail clients and systems may not show the formatted text correctly.




Concerns listed below apply if an “X” is marked.


Insufficient citations to specific sources for specific points made


The discussion is not closely tailored to the actual the actual venture.


Complete bibliographic listings are not provided.  At a minimum, the author’s name (if available), the publication name, and the year of publication must be included.  If the author’s name is not available, the title of the article should be included. Hyperlinks are NOT sufficient.


Applications and other ideas are not sufficiently developed to be meaningful.


Reasoning is not spelled out.


“Stipulated excellence.”


Failure to highlight managerial implications.


Use of hyperbole, exaggerations, or other sensational language.


Writing is ambiguous, including possible use of the term “etc.”


Excessive use of quotations rather than paraphrasing.


Use of low quality or otherwise not credible sources, if applicable.


Improvement of writing is needed.


Superficial or incorrect use of marketing terms.  The careless use of fancy-sounding words gives the impression the writer wants to deceive the reader by creating an impression of knowing vastly more than he or she actually does.  This makes the whole paper suspect.


Excessive use of “buzz” words.


Inadequate proof reading.


Overall failure to follow instructions.


Failure to introduce quotes.






Marketing Applications


Marketing can be defined as the art of letting an audience know about the value of a certain product, so that they can purchase it (Owen & Humphrey, 60). Most businesses are not able to survive without marketing, since it is the one way that they are able to let their target audience now about their products or services. In order for a person to carry out marketing effectively, there are certain factors that must be put into consideration. For starters, they have to be aware of the needs of their consumers (Charlesworth, 21). This helps so that whatever marketing strategy is adopted, it is the ability of the product or service to meet the needs of the target consumer that is highlighted. Also, the marketer should be able to have adequate information about the trends of their consumer. They should know about what factors the consumer will often look at when he is selecting a certain product or a service to use. For marketing to be successful, there are certain marketing applications that must be discovered and used in the correct manner (Baker, 32). Marketing applications refer to those tactics and skills that a marketer applies in order to reap the fruits of marketing. This paper analyses marketing applications that are most useful in the current times for almost all kinds of marketing. This is very generic.  Any specific tailoring?

Advantages of marketing

There are several various advantages that can be realized form marketing, depending on the market that one is targeting, the type of product or service that is being marketed, and the ability of the said product to meet the needs and requirements of the market (Derfer, 207). The first and almost obvious advantage of marketing is that it enables the consumer to know about the existence of a certain product. This factor is also advantageous to the provider of this product. There are several businesses that have often been unable to take off, despite the fact that their fields are being sought after. The reason for their failure to attract the appropriate kind of market is that they are not out there in terms of marketing and therefore are not able to attract consumers since the consumers do not even know about their existence (Thomas, 44).

Marketing requires that the marketer or the provider of the product studies the market properly (Newlands, 2). This way, he is able to ensure that the product he is putting out is able to meet the needs of the market. A marketer should be able to convince the audience who are potential buyers, that they product they are talking about is the best in the market, even when sometimes this may not actually be true. Once the consumer has known about that certain product, he will seek it more than once, probably because he will have been satisfied with the results, or that the marketing strategy for that product is so top notch that the consumer starts to believe that there isn’t a better product in the market (Strauss, 12). Consumers are often in the habit of sharing good experiences or influencing one another on the kind of product that they use. This begins to be the profitability of the particular product because the market for it will begin to increase. What are the specific implications for this product?

Marketing is also advantageous because it helps a producer to improve their product. This is because, when through marketing, the brand begins to gain ground, there will be need for the producer to keep his consumers happy by producing that which he has promised to them through marketing, or otherwise risk being abandoned for a similar product that is perceived to produce better results (Sharma, 206). Therefore, once marketing has been integrated in the proper manner, the marketer will often have to raise his standards in order to maintain his position among current and potential clients. Applications?

Online marketing

Also often referred to as internet marketing, is the use of the internet and internet enabled devices and programs to make known the existent of a certain product, for the purpose of profit making through sales.

There are various different types of marketing methods that exist today, depending on the purpose of the marketing and the product that is being marketed. However, it seems today that the use of internet has become a universal method of marketing that almost always guarantees profits. The reason for this is that the current generation spends a lot of time on the internet, looking for all sorts of things. They always believe the things that they see online because they have no time to go back to the real world to confirm their validity. This has led to the introduction of several online marketing applications for the sake of increasing the brand recognition for certain products. Most of these marketing applications are those that are able to access, or be accessed via social media. The social media craze  Sensationalistic terms should be avoided  is one that is not going to fade any time soon. People have invested so much time and resource to online activity that it has even become the major part of their lives.

Marketers have increasingly become aware that the best way to sell a product these days is to have it known online and to dominate the online community. Any source for this?  How do you go about dominating? This is because of the reason above mentioned, coupled with the fact that there is a lot of peer influence that goes on online, and therefore once a product has already gotten a hold of a certain market, the rest of the marketing will take place even without the marketers trying so hard.

There are three main areas of effective internet marketing. These are; web marketing, email marketing and social media marketing

Email marketing

This refers to the use of email for the purpose of marketing. Email marketers will often come up with comprehensive marketing mails that contain all the information about the product they wish to sell to the target audience. These emails are then sent to the emails of prospective clients on a regular basis. These emails are often in the form of solicitations for donations and sales, brand awareness, general advertisements and requests for business, among many others. Although some of these mails may end up reaching people who are not yet considered customers, most of them are often sent to already existing customers. The purpose of internet marketing therefore is to ensure that the relationship that had started to build between the consumer and the seller is solidified to ensure that they will always seek those services when the need arises. Sometimes these emails are sent to strangers in a bid to foster a relationship where the prospective client will begin to seek the advertised services. Applications?


Web marketing

Web marketing often involves the setting up of websites where the products of a certain company are advertised. Unlike email marketing where the advert is sent to the inbox of the prospective client, web marketing will make itself available online in the hope that the prospective client will find his way to it (Harris & Rae, 13). In online marketing, there are certain tactics that are applied to make sure that it is effective in its mission. One of these tactics involves the use of search engine optimized words. These are words that are perceived to be most common when a prospective client is looking for a particular item. For example, if a client wants to purchase a car in New York, he is most likely going to type word such as ‘car’, sale’, ‘new york’, buy, et cetera. Your proposal talks about marketing Samsung phones.  Why these unrelated examples? No matter how they structure their sentences, these are the words that are likely to appear. Therefore, the trick is that the articles contained in the website (or even the name of the website for better results) contain these common words. This is because when one searches for something online the search engines will often generate results that are closest to the search as possible. Therefore, the more the frequency of these words in the website, the higher its chances of appearing among the favorite finds of the search engine.

            Apart from the use of the search engine optimized words, marketing websites also make their presence known through the use of other existing websites, whether they are for marketing or not (Jansen, 49). What happens is that they pay a certain amount for their website details to appear in a website that is perceived to be popular. They also sometimes pay the search engines for their web information to be availed on the front page of search engines (Sheehan, 18). Take for example the most popular search engine in the world today ‘Google’. On the right side of the page, or the top and bottom, there are always links to certain sites that are sometimes customized according to what the user has searched his location, or the frequency at which he searches for related topics (Neale, 76).

Social media marketing

            This is perhaps the kind of online marketing whose popularity seems to be growing by the day. It often involves the marketing of products on social media platforms. The success of this type of marketing is owed to the fact that social media is fast becoming (if it is not already) the most preferred method of communication in today’s world (McMahan, et al, 2009). This is because it enables people to interact in various ways and share a lot of information such as music, videos, pictures et cetera. It is also favored because it is not affected by distance. The most common social media avenues are Facebook, YouTube and twitter.

            This type of marketing thrives on the notion that information spreads quickly in the social media forums. Take the example of Facebook. There are currently millions of people who access this site (Hanson & Kalyanam, 35). People who are friends have often been found to come from the same location, hence another assumption that their preferences and interests are the same. What these marketing companies do is to create page on Facebook where they will post all the information that they would like to share with their prospective clients. Once person likes this page, he is able to get frequent updates about any new thing that comes up. His friends will also begin to see this particular site on their home pages because it is assumed they too may be interest in it. This is how the membership for the product begins to grow. Once a person likes a certain page on Facebook, the site begins to generate all the similar pages to that which have been liked, assuming that the user may be interested in them as well.

            Another method of social media marketing is to post an issue that is likely to generate a lot of interest, so that more people are made aware of the presence of the product. Most companies resort to promotions to fulfill his purpose (Jensen, 502). They will give away a certain product on condition that the questions they give about the product are answered in the correct manner. They then select an answer at random, since most of these questions are easy and it’s unlikely to get them wrong. This ensures a lot of traffic to that page, hence the success of the strategy.


Managerial implications

            The knowledge about internet marketing is important for any manager since it is the most recent and popular method of marketing that is able to yield results (McMahan, 12). This helps in the conducting of research so that if any of the three mentioned methods are selected, they can be applied in the correct manner, so that the company in general is able to reap the benefits of the marketing strategy, which will be seen through the improvement in sales of the product that is being advertised.





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