Project #51990 - Public Administration

This is a research paper has to be 12-15 pages APA stylle.

Below you will find my out line and proposal. This paper has to concentrate on technolgy and how it has evolved and the effects it will have in Public Adminstartaion due to technilogy.


This a Public Adminstration class so all these topics have to relate to public admin and the risks of evolving technolgy. 


Proposal:Technology has evolved and is the main way we communicate and conduct business in the public and private sector. This paper is going to concentrate on the security risks that networks have. It is critical that enterprise systems and the data is protected from the constant growing attacks to IT infrastructures. Network security often requires the surveillance of the actual traffic in the network. Security controls and measures have to be defined to protect security threats. This paper is going to explore the best methods to prevent network and cyber security threats.

I also want to see if focusing on just secure systems or should physical people should be part of securing a system.

I want to focus and 4 different security methods and explore which one is best or if all three of them in conjunction is the best way to prevent threats to the IT infrastructure.

1. Introduction

2. Framework Introduction

2.1 Framework Basics

2.3 Use the Framework

3. Privacy Issues

3.1 User's Profile and Personal Information

3.2 Identity Theft Issues

3.3 Profile Cloning

3.2 Social Phishing

4. Spam Issues

4.1 Spam Attack on Social Networking Sites

4.2 Malware Issues

5. Malware Issues

5.1 How Malware Spread Across Social Networks

6. Physical Threats

7. How to Protect IT Infrastructures

7.1 Surveillance of the actual traffic in the network

7.2 Methods to prevent network and cyber security threats

8. Conclusion


Subject General
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/16/2014 12:00 pm
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