Project #51940 - Final Project


The following prompt should be analyzed through the lens of the various theories, principles, and methods that have been discussed in class or outlined in required course articles/readings. Please read the prompt carefully. Your final project should be based on course data including the textbooks, lectures, and class discussions. No outside research is necessary.


You have been asked by your local community leaders to provide a three (3) to five (5) minute presentation at the next government meeting. Your task is to explain the current state of Christianity in the United States. (Hint: This task is purposefully vague. You may choose the scope and direction of your presentation. Feel free to run your ideas by me.) This task will, of course, include some historical background. Remember, your audience may not be familiar with key terms from the course; these may be need to be defined. Creativity is encouraged; engage your audience.


Formatting of the presentation should meet the following criteria:

  1. Create in PowerPoint

    1. You may choose the theme

    2. Audio/Video/Illustrations/Photographs are encouraged

  2. Be well organized

    1. Include an Introduction

    2. Be sure slides have a title (Click to add title)

    3. Text may be bulleted (Click to add text)

    4. Include a conclusion (Hint: Provide some questions for the audience)

  3. Include presenter tools

    a. Either
    i. In the form of a narrated PowerPoint
    (Hint: A handout with instructions is


ii. Detailed notes in the notes section of the PowerPoint (Click to add notes)

  1. Choose 4 of 5 slides from a – e; slide f is required (5 required slides):

    1. Judaism (Hint: Use your TBA papers)

    2. The Bible

    3. Medieval Christianity

    4. The Renaissance

    5. Martin Luther

    6. A Contemporary Issue (Hint: Use your research project)

  2. Saved with a .ppt or .pptx file extension

a. First and Last name of the participant should be in the file name i. FirstLastFinal.ppt


The instructor will grade presentations in the following areas: 

  • Formatting

    o Is your PowerPoint formatted according to the guidelines above?

  • Spelling and Grammar

    o Is your presentation free of grammar and spelling errors?

  • Coherence

    o Does your presentation follow logically? (Did you include an introduction and conclusion?)

  • Relevance to Course

    o Is your presentation demonstrative of a religion course? Are you addressing issues related to this course?

  • Accuracy
    o Does your presentation reflect material covered in the course? Did you use material from

    the course appropriately?

  • Comprehensiveness

    o Have you included the required slides? Did you use/define key terms from the corresponding chapters in the Cory text? 

Subject General
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/17/2014 11:00 am
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