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Directions for your Final Project – Urban Planning on Delhi, India

As part of the requirements for this course you will conduct research on urban planning in a city of your choice and create a PowerPoint presentation of your findings. By the second week of class select and claim (on the “Claiming a City for Final Project” DB) a city from the developing world (Central America, South America, Africa, South Asia, or South East Asia). There can be only one student per city, so whoever claims a city first gets it. You should choose a major urban area with a population of at least 500,000 to insure that there will be sufficient data for your research. You cannot look at your city of residence or origin. Find out about urban planning, housing, public transportation, recycling, and other efforts to "go green" (that is, environmentally sustainable). Your project should cover the following aspects of the city:


1.Basic information about the city - population, literacy, employment, average annual


2. What challenges does your city face?

3. What is being done to address these challenges?

4. Detail some aspect of urban planning: public housing, public transportation, public

parks, recycling efforts, and other aspects of "going green."

5. What does the future hold for this city?

You can probably find good photos or drawings of your chosen city on Google Images

and (use Common Use photos only).

Some online links that you might find useful are below:

If you have any questions or need help with this project please do not hesitate to write or

make an appointment to see me in my office.

DUE DATE is listed in your syllabus. You have the option of turning in a first draft for

suggestions for improvements at least one week prior to the due date. Grades on

PowerPoints posted on the due date are final grades. Late PowerPoints will be marked

down one full grade.


1. Your ppt should have at least 16 slides – it should not exceed 20 slides. 2. Your ppt should be a mix of visuals and text. Your text should equal at least 1000

words. Do not cut and paste text from the internet – the text on your slides MUST be in

your own words! If it is not in your own words, the anti-plagiarism software Safe Assign

to which you are required to submit your presentation’s text (see below) will display the

sources from which you copied.

3. You must use information from at least 4 sources. The internet is plagued with bad,

misleading and incorrect information. Please stay away from .com sources and try to find

.org and .edu sources. Of your four sources, only one can be .com.

4. In your text in each slide you must cite any source from which you’ve gotten

information. If the source is a book or article, list the name of the author, the year of the

publication, and the page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence or paragraph

that includes the information. For instance, if I’m using information from a book by John

Williams on Appalachian history, I would cite him as follows at the end of my sentence:

Many historians of Appalachia suggest that the region has no agreed-upon

boundaries (Williams 2009, 9).

If the source is a web site, place the web address in parentheses at the end of the text as


Some countries have made laws against homosexuality (

You must ALSO include a reference slide of all cited works in alphabetical order at the

end of your presentation. Citations should be in an accepted bibliographic format. This is

the correct bibliographical format for the book cited above:

Williams, John. 2002. Appalachia: A History. Chapel Hill, North Carolina: The

 University of North Carolina Press.

This is the correct bibliographic citation for the web site cited above:

Maletsky, C., 1998. Govt planning to criminalise gays. The Namibian [online]

 November 8, 1998. Available from: [cited 12

 March 2010].

If you have any questions about proper in-text or bibliographic citation, please email me

or go to the following web site for guidance:


1. Create your PowerPoint presentation using Microsoft or other presentation software

(such as Open Office which you can download for free).

2. Upload your PowerPoint file to the DB titled Final Projects.

3. Keep a separate document of just your text from the presentation in MicrosoftWord,

WP, etc. - upload ONLY the text part of your final project to the Safe Assign link

provided in the folder labeled “Final Project.” Please note that Safe Assign will not

accept PowerPoints. Do not upload your presentation as a PDF to Safe Assign.

4. View and comment on at least three of your fellow students’ presentations on the Final

Project DB (this is part worth 9% of the Final Project grade - your comments should be thoughtful and constructive - comments such as "Great job!" will not be counted)

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/12/2014 12:00 am
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