Project #51505 - MGT 220

MGT 220 Term Project


Objective: This artifact will address the needs for demonstration of proficiency in information literacy and research, understanding of the corporate workplace and competitiveness, as well as business communication.


Students will individually write and submit a research paper featuring an analysis of a corporation and a major issue facing that firm. By the end of this assignment, the student should develop an understanding of management practice that enables them to function more effectively in today's work environments, including an awareness of the issues of globalization, firm competitiveness, and the effect and impact of structure on firm performance.

This paper should demonstrate that the student understands how business trends affect an organization’s capability for achieving a competitive advantage in the 21st century business environment. The project will incorporate general management concepts and theory introduced and learned by students throughout the course and should demonstrate the student’s ability to both comprehend these concepts and apply knowledge learned in a systematic way.  Parameters and guidelines for the assessment are as follows:


Subject to professor approval, students will select a corporation that will then be analyzed by the student individually.

·      The choice of firm for analysis should be related to the student’s course of study if possible.

·      It is preferred that the corporation chosen is listed on either the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ.

·      Publically-traded firms are generally preferred due to access and availability of information pertaining to the company chosen.

·      The student will also select a relevant recent periodical article which will then be analyzed and applied to the chosen firm.

·      A midterm draft or interim paper of some sort should be required and reviewed by the instructor. This draft will then be reviewed by the professor such that pertinent feedback may then be given to the student for the purpose of coaching and guiding the student toward the successful completion of the final draft.

·      The final grade for this assignment should represent 30% of the student’s final course grade.



STEP ONE: Company selection and analysis

·      The student should select a company for analysis and write up a profile of the company selected. The profile should include:

ü  Presentation and discussion of firm Mission/Vision

ü  Presentation and discussion of the firm’s current strategic plans and/or direction

ü  Presentation and discussion of the firm’s culture

ü  A brief discussion of the firm’s structure and organization

ü  The above subject areas could be presented in a “strengths/weaknesses” format as part of an overall SWOT-style analysis

ü  Approximately 5-7 pages, double-spaced, typed


STEP TWO: Article selection and analysis

·      Write a report on an article that was written within the past year that deals with a topic directly affecting the competitiveness of the student’s chosen firm. The article chosen should have something important to say about an element of organizational effectiveness - it can profile a dramatic social trend, give an industry prediction, address a strategic competency like leadership or HR, highlight a current environmental issue (for instance, the social responsibility component of sustainability), or comment on financial or market failures, etc.

ü  Students should give a brief summary of the article, identifying the issue that attracted them to the article, explain why this issue is important, and what they learned from the article.

ü  Students should discuss how the subject of the article will affect their firm from a competitive perspective, highlighting any relevant changes necessary to the management structure, culture, or strategic direction of the firm.

ü  Approximately 5-7 pages, double-spaced, typed


Required parameters:

·      This project is a requirement for completing this course and should be turned in during week 11 of the quarter

·      Failure to complete this project will result in a failing grade.

·      10 – 14 total pages, double spaced, typed

·      All citations and references must be in MLA format

·      Final project must be submitted to your professor as well as a single copy uploaded to Blackboard via Safe Assignment


MGT 220 Assessment Rubric for term project



Assessment Criteria




Step One: Company Selection and Presentation.

Student presents all or most internal aspects of their chosen firm clearly and correctly. Presentation reflects clear understanding of the inner-working of the firm. Supporting research is significant.

Student shows adequate comprehension of the firm’s internal aspects but may lack depth.   Research generally supports the analysis presented by the student.

Student presentation is lacking in several to many respects and only reflects a rudimentary understanding of the firm chosen. Research is poorly done and presentation is poorly written.

Step One: Analysis.

Student demonstrates understanding of the concepts usedin the course and applies them correctly. Analysis is pertinent to the subject and shows insight. Research is significant and relevant. Student justifies their analysis appropriately.

Student shows understanding of the concepts used. Analysis is satisfactory but may lack depth. Research generally supports the analysis presented by the student.

Student analysis is lacking in several respects. Analysis demonstrates rudimentary understanding of the material and concepts used.  Research is poorly done and presentation is poorly written.

Step Two Article Selection and Analysis

Article is relevant, timely and pertinent to the firm. Analysis is clear, cogent and implications for the firm are largely correct and thoughtfully presented. Extra consideration for article and connections that is non-obvious.

Article selection is adequate and largely correct but might not be too relevant for the firm or lacking in sophistication. Analysis is satisfactory but may be too simplistic or lacking in nuance or detail. 

Article selection is poor and/or subject matter is irrelevant, untimely, or immaterial to the firm in question. Analysis lacks any real understanding of strategic or other implications of the article, or makes tenuous or irrelevant connections.

Research, Proper MLA Citation

6+ pieces in total. Source materials are high quality, timely, relevant, and show effort in their acquisition. All sources properly cited in MLA format in text and in Works Cited

3-5 pieces. Source materials are mostly high quality, relevant and show effort in their acquisition. Most sources properly cited in MLA format in text and in Works Cited

<3 pieces. Few quality sources.  Sources are not properly cited using MLA format and factual information was presented without citation or with incorrect citation.


Project is well-formatted, appropriately organized, and meets the standards set forth in the assignment. Appearance inspires readership.

Project is adequately organized and formatted but lacks inspiration. May have few basic presentation issues.

Project is poorly organized and lacks cohesive flow throughout. Many required component parts missing. Instructions were not followed.

Writing Quality

Cohesive writing that is clear, concise and professional. Few, if any grammatical errors, no spelling errors.

Cohesive writing that is clear but may lack professionalism. Some grammatical and/or spelling errors.

Poorly written with unacceptable amount of grammar and spelling errors.

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/11/2014 02:00 am
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