Project #51391 - Geography of the Non-Western World

Final Exam - Essay Question Shireen Hyrapiet

Geography of the Non-Western World (GEO 105) Oregon State University

Final Essay (100 points)

Choose one of the following four topics and prepare a concise and informative essay on ONE

REGION that you will write in class on the day of the examination without reference to notes. A

strong response will make reference to place names, including at least three countries.

The following grading guideline will be used to evaluate your essay:


Title: Present?

Introduction: with theme/purpose



Good writing mechanics (grammar, spellings, punctuation, sentence structure, phrasing)

Meaningful reference to at least 3 countries in the region

1. Environmental Focus. Write an essay in which you explain a region’s environmental

characteristics, a) how humans have adapted to these, b) how humans have purposefully or

accidentally changed the environment, and c) the social consequences of these changes

Content may include but is not limited to – deforestation, desertification, diversion of rivers, dam

building, salinization and its intended and unintended consequences which leads/has led to

lifestyles changes in a particular region

2. Demographic and Urban Focus. Write an essay on a region’s urban and population

characteristics and dynamics.

Content may include but is not limited to – migration and migration policies, dynamics of urban

growth and its resulting consequences for urban and rural areas, for example age/population

structures and its associated problems.

3. Social and Economic Focus. Write an essay on a region’s social and economic development

characteristics and the intended and unintended consequences of this growth.

Content may include but is not limited to – GDP, Purchasing Power rates, Impact on women,

Growth of cities, loss of jobs, unemployment, shifts to urban centers, literacy rates, birth control,

contraceptive schemes, reduction of population schemes

4. Geopolitical and Territorial Focus. Write an essay on the geopolitical and territorial disputes

between and within countries focusing on the multiple reasons for these disputes and provide a

discussion of the current state of affairs.

Content may include but is not limited to – Disputes between nations over water rights in the

Middle East, issues between territorial claims of China and Tibet, India and Pakistan, North and

South Korea etc.

Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/11/2014 02:00 pm
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