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Answer all 40 questions:
these study questions came from the book: Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Occupations

Study Questions



1) Define an intentional tort and quasi-intentional tort.
2) Discuss the intent required to commit an intentional tort.
3) Discuss the effects of consent as a defense to an intentional tort.
4) Discuss how you can protect a patient’s privacy.
5) Discuss potential disciplinary actions from involvement in an intentional or quasi-intentional tort.

6) Discuss how charting can prevent a successful lawsuit based on false imprisonment.


 Chapter 9

1) What does right to privacy mean with regard to healthcare records?
2) What does the Need-to-Know Exception or rule mean when applied to the release of patient information?
3) Discuss two violations of a patient’s right of privacy.
4) Explain how a breach of confidentiality differs from invasion of privacy.
5) Describe measures that can be used to protect the patient’s computerized record.
6) What is a subpoena duces tecum?
7) What is a tort?

8) What is a quasi-intentional tort?


Chapter 4

1 define battery and give an example.
2 discuss the foundation for the informed consent doctrine.
3 what is the responsibility of the allied health professional with regard to informed consents forms and the process of obtaining informed consent?
4 discuss the term implied consent and give an example.
5 define the terms competency and incompetency. Discuss the general rule related to competency.
6 what is surrogate decision maker? Who can be a surrogate decision maker?

7 what is an advice directive?


8 research on the internet and find your state law on advance directives?


Chapter 7

1 what are professional ethics?
2 define bioethics.
3 define and discuss the resolution process for an ethical dilemma.
4 list and define five bioethical principles.
5 list three citations for bioethical resources.
Chapter 10
1 what are the elements of negligence.
2 Discuss local versus national standards of care. How do they differ?
3 what are the clinical laboratory improvement amendments?
4 what is spoliation of evidence?
5 what is the burden of proof for a plaintiff in a negligence action?

6 discuss the duties of an expert witness.


Chapter 13

1 What are three areas of practice commonly breached by nursing assistants?
3 what are things that can be done to decrease liability when using medical equipment?
4 what are five areas of potential legal exposure for the respiratory therapist technician?
5 list and describe 6 common healthcare settings.
6 what are concerns for dental hygienists and technicians when dealing with patients?
7 discuss how documentation can aid in defending a negligence action.

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