Project #51170 - Dance performance

There are two videos about 2 works




Take notes on what you’re watching and write very specifically to document the performance you’ve seen in a detailed, focused manner. Your goal: briefly and accurately describe 2 works, give your opinion of the dance works being specific with examples such as the use of music, lighting, choreography, dancers’ technique. The idea is to watch dance with a sharp mind. Read reviews online or in the newspapers to see how they are written. This should be done according to the following:

The paper must be:

Time New Roman 12 font

1 inch margins

Black ink only

No clip art

Stapled on the upper left hand corner with a metal staple

College level, make sure to use spell check

Submitted at the beginning of class

Absolutely no late papers accepted, no exceptions

If you did not submit your attendance card at the theater along with photo ID you will receive an “F” grade on the paper

1. The opening paragraph should name the performance, the date you saw it and the name of the theater. It should give a brief overview of the performance such as “The Broad Stage was large and clean with many people there nicely dressed” or “there were twelve dance works presented each about different feeling and unrelated to each other”.

2. Please give a detailed overview of the performance, and mention whether the dance was considered traditional, contemporary or described in another way (example, a combination of modern dance and hip-hop). Make the event come alive for someone who didn’t see it; avoid writing a detailed laundry list of every dance in the program. You can also briefly write on the theater and audience members.

3. Discuss memorable aspects of the performance or your least favorite, if applicable. Please identify two or three dance pieces by title, and choreographer (you will find this info in the printed program) . Concentrate on what most appealed to you and dispense with the negative swiftly, unless you didn’t like the work at all. It’s okay to not like something as long as you can defend your viewpoint. Example: The dance began with a promising concept, but the choreographer failed to deliver - then proceed to explain how and why.

4. Try to avoid the first and second person and watch tenses. Do not use the words,” interesting”, “amazing,” “boring,” “I don’t know because I have never seen a dance performance before” “really” or “pleasing to the eye.” Do not keep referring to the audience; write about how you felt about what you saw. The name of the piece should

either be in italics or double quotes. Describe but do not dwell on the lighting or costumes. After you name the dancer, choreographer or composer refer to that person by last name only. Vary the use of verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

5. Ask yourself the following: Was the choreography imaginative? Did it communicate? Were there vague points to the story or theme? Also name the musical composer and costume designer and how they all may have contributed towards creating this work of art. You may cite specific dancers by name.

6. How did the dance you observed relate to what you have learned about dance in this course?

7. Additional comments followed by conclusion or brief summary paragraph stating why the performance worked or didn’t work for you.

ô€€€Make sure to use spell check

ô€€€ Use the correct tense. If you are writing about a performance you saw last Saturday evening make sure (you use past tense “it was a dramatic dance work” “I liked how they showed their feelings”

ô€€€ Write about the dance performance not the play, and the dance works or dance pieces not the skits or routines. Make sure to proof read your work.

ô€€€ an opening paragraph

ô€€€ the body of the paper

ô€€€ Write the name of the piece, the choreographer and the composer when referring to a dance work

ô€€€ a closing paragraph.

ô€€€ each paragraph must have at least five sentences

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/09/2014 10:00 pm
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