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here what i did i need it polish up and finish the hightlight part need a paragraph under them 

General Personal Financial Goals during Cycle

Lifestyle Goals

~Take a trip to Rome

~Go parrot shutting

~Buy a yacht

~Buy new brake pad

Career Goals

~Graduate with a degree in Marketing

~Become a successful business owner, Director of Analysis

Specific Financial Goals

~Have $500,000 annually net

Career Planning

Research Job Requirements

Director of Analysis

The Director of Analysis directs and manages the development of a wide range of financial and economic analysis, research, and related activities that come before the Financial Stability Oversight Council (Council). In this role, the incumbent serves as a senior adviser to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Financial Stability Oversight Council, and through them, the Under Secretary for Domestic Finance.

Research Working Conditions

Knowledge required by the positions includes:
1. Broad and expert knowledge of financial institutions, financial markets, financial regulation, and economics.
2. Expert knowledge of at least one area of financial or market regulation and regulatory environment, and general knowledge of the regulatory environment of depository institutions, broker-dealers, and other financial intermediaries or markets.
3. Broad understanding of the interconnections between financial institutions or within financial markets including the impact of broad financial sector or economic trends affecting financial markets and market participants.
4. Demonstrated expert understanding of financial and economic concepts, and familiarity with quantitative techniques in financial analysis.
5. Demonstrated expert ability to develop and prepare written and oral presentational materials that may be considered controversial or subject to significant public scrutiny.
6. Demonstrated experience as the lead author of academic papers or official reports, policy memoranda, and briefing papers that focus on economic or financial policy issues, and to make oral presentations regarding the same.
7. Demonstrated ability to interact with senior Treasury and member agency officials and
Congressional staff in a manner to advance goals set by the Council, and to provide such senior officials with clear and concise information.
8. Demonstrated ability to lead the work of subordinate staff to provide mentorship, guidance and/or assistance, and to achieve results from efforts that require the work of several individuals.

Research Income and Benefits

~Director of Analysis Income: $120,749.00 to $181,500.00 / Per Year

Expenses Budgets

Short Term Budget Plans

I only plan to live off of $40,000 a year; this includes living expenses food, and transportation fees.

~Keeping a record of monthly expenses

~Monitor and control income, living expenses, purchases, and savings on a monthly basis.  

~Create a balance sheet which compose of three parts; Assets which is what I own. Liabilities, or debts what I owe and Net worth; the difference between your assets and liabilities.


Credit Analysis

Debit Repayment Plan

Debt Safety Ratio

Insurance Needs

I plan to invest over half of this money into a 401K from my job hopefully they will match it 50%, in addition I will invest in another mutual fund like an ROTH 401 that isn’t linked to the job that also matched dollar for dollar investments.


Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Property insurance

Retirement Planning


Income Needs

Income Sources

Investment Planning


Risk Preferences

Asset Allocation for Life Stages

your retirement savings as the goal


My investment plan starts with me assessing my current situation. I am twenty something odd years old closer to my thirties. I am currently sitting at about $9,000 in savings. I am working a part-time job in sales, and making a little over minimum wage. My career goal is to work at a marketing firm where I can utilize the many skills that I have developed over the years. I currently don’t have any responsibility other than small bills so the money that I make is mine, other than that money that Uncle Sam takes and that is used for the Medicaid/Medicare fund of the retirees of today.

Estate Planning

I plan to work in real-estate on the side and buy houses, fix them up and sale them. The money that I make doing this will just keep being used to but more houses until I can afford some housing across seas so I can become a national marketer.


Legal Documents and Representation

Asset Distribution

Letter of Instructions Contents

Tax Planning

Income Tax Issues

Property Tax Issues

Investment Tax Issues

Estate Tax issues


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/09/2014 08:00 am
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