Project #51037 - CMSC 243 Systems Analysis and Design

For the business requirements described below, please prepare:

-the Business Profile. (2 points)

-ALL levels of Data Flow Diagrams. (8 points)

-a memo/statement to provide a brief description of each process in your data flow

diagrams. (4 points)

-the Class Diagram (4 points)

-the Use Case Diagram (4 points)

-Entity Relationship Diagram. (3 points)

Please make and document reasonable assumptions, if necessary.


Business Requirements:

XYZ Company sells computer equipment to federal government agencies. When a

federal agency needs to purchase computer equipment from XYZ, it issues a purchase

order against a standing contract previously negotiated with the company. XYZ holds

several standing contracts with various federal agencies. When a purchase order is

received by XYZ's contracting office, the contract number referenced on the purchase

order is entered into the contract database. Using information from the database, the

contracting officer reviews the terms and conditions of the contract and determines

whether the purchase order is valid. The purchase order is valid if the contract has not

expired, the type of equipment ordered is listed on the contract, and the total cost of

the equipment does not exceed the predetermined limit. If the purchase order is not

valid, the contracting officer returns the purchase order back to the requesting agency

with a letter explaining why the purchase order cannot be filled, and a copy of the

letter is filed. If the purchase order is valid, the contracting officer enters the purchase

order number into the contract database and marks the order as outstanding. The

purchase order is then sent to the order filling department. At the order filling

department, the inventory is checked for each item ordered. If any items are not in

stock, the order

filling department creates a report listing the items not in stock and attaches it to the

purchase order. All purchase orders are forwarded to the warehouse where the items

in stock are pulled from the shelves and shipped to the customer. The warehouse then

attaches to the purchase order a copy of the shipping bill listing the items shipped and

sends it to the contracting officer. If all items were shipped, the contracting officer

closes the outstanding purchase order record in the database. The purchase order,

shipping bill, and exception report (if any), are then filed in the contract office.


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Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/11/2014 09:00 pm
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