Project #50756 - Organizational Analysis


How should I approach the project/paper?




How do you approach our final project?  What are the most important topics to put into the paper? 


The paper will be around 11 pages.


Now…about the content!


  1.  Your first [deceptively simple] task is to find a problem or gap in an organization that you are familiar with –

  2. And then solve or fill it!  It can be an organization you work for, one you volunteer for, one you use (as a customer) – just make sure you really understand it.  Note: I prefer an industrial organization.


Remember:  a. the problem cannot be at the individual level of analysis:  when you swap out one person for another, the problem or gap must still be there Remember: You have to first find an organizational problem that is Not interpersonal but a system based macro problem. Then you will develop 2 ways to diagnose the problem , devise and recommend solutions and finally ‘sell’ solutions based on ‘assumptions’ that come from two different metaphors.


  1. Make sure you work on discussing the environment- it can help you find the problem or the solution – or both!  It is a paper requirement.



  1. You will need to convince two very different people or sets of decision makers to adopt your ONE solution—in two different ways.  So you will need to use two very different metaphors to communicate your solution.

    1. Your metaphors can be original or ones from our text (Organizations as Machine, , Organizations as Brain, Organizations as Organisms, Organization as Political Systems, Organizations as Flux and Transformation, Organizations as Organisms,

    2. Remember that metaphors are not perfect so not all parts of the metaphor will be totally applicable to the situation.

    3. Be convincing without being condescending!  Many times we need to propose the same solution in two different ways- and there is something in the second way that helps convince the person.

  2. At this point I like to write the paper.  Make sure describe the environment, discuss the solution in two different ways, make sure the decision makers know WHY your solution should work AND what to look for to know that it is working.


make sure it includes all of the points above in paragraphs (not just single sentences).  Do double space.  Do use 12 point font for the paper ….




Strategic decisions should use organizational structure and procedural realities.


Note: Discuss in your paper all the following:


  1. Customer market

  2. Labor market

  3. Other resources markets

  4. Physical

  5. Competitors

  6. Economy

  7. Technology

  8. Legal or legislative environment

  9. Trends in industry

    full scope



    Then pick two most important from the following:

  10. Customer market

  11. Labor market

  12. Other resources markets

  13. Physical

  14. Competitors

  15. Economy

  16. Technology

  17. Legal or legislative environment

  18. Trends in industry

    Full scope

    Most important sector? To whom? Why there are the important issues?


    Are Q’s stakeholder based? Full scope?

    Are A’s consistent with the metaphor? Consistent with each other?

    Q&A Enough to lead to a conclusion?



    Are Q’s consistent with the metaphor? Consistent with each other?

    Clear noting what is different?        Q&A Enough to lead to a conclusion?




 What changes do you suspect might happen explain at least 3?


What do you believe should happen? Take at least 3?




How know you are right? (evidence)








Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/08/2014 05:00 pm
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