Project #50693 - Tumblr

In the last five years, the popularity of social networking has risen rapidly. Research has revealed that MySpace attracts 230,000 new users per day, and Facebook has over 500 million active users registered worldwide.

For this assignment, you are asked to work individuals and move through the initial stages of the interaction design lifecycle. To do this you are asked to perform a requirements capture to identify the user experience when interacting with a social networking site and your topic will be “tumblr”, analyze the data, and design a prototype based on findings to redesign the interface.

For the requirements capture:

·       Identify the reasons behind why people use social networking sites, the user experience of using such sites, and the reasons why some people have stopped using these sites, and their perceptions of security and privacy relating to the sites.

·       Use one or more appropriate methods of gathering data (e.g. interviews, questionnaires, observation, focus groups) and justify why this/these methods were selected (e.g. did you want to collect qualitative or quantitative data)

·       Include a sample of tools used (e.g. questionnaires, interview questions, interview or observation transcripts) in the appendix at the end of the report.

For the analysis:

·       Analyze information gathered and present the key elements from your findings appropriately.

·       Identify the requirements that a new system should have to take into account all the findings from the capture.

For the prototype:

·       Describe the type of conceptual model that you feel would be appropriate for a redesigned system.

·       Design an annotated paper-based prototype of a redesigned interface, or sequence of screens. Through findings from an evaluation, a stronger prototype should be developed in either Powerpoint, VB.Net or a programming language of your choice.

·       You will present the prototype. Screenshots of the prototypes developed should be included in the final report.

·       You can then evaluate final prototype.

Other information

·       Suggested page limit (8-10 pages excluding cover sheet, appendices and references). Try your best to not exceed the page limit.

·       Only one report should be submitted.

General guidelines for presentation

·       Staple the report together, rather than using a folder.

·       On a cover page, clearly present the names and email addresses

·       Use appropriate formatting (text size 10-12 point), single, 1.5 or double-spaced text, and always number pages.

·       Ensure that work is proof-read.

·       When citing or quoting existing work, always include appropriate references. Ensure

that references are consistent in style (e.g. Harvard or Vancouver formats).

·       One report needed in hard copy format per group. No soft copies are required.


Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/07/2014 11:59 pm
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