Project #50378 - Library Research Homework

For this homework exercise you will need to utilize the skills learned in Word, Excel and PPCC's library database(s).

Research Topic

Research via the PPCClibrary databases a particular service organization and write at least a two (2)

page paper on possible ways PPCCor individuals could get involved. You need to locate data which can

be used to generate a chart, either Pie or Column. Some service organizations you can research are:

• Red Cross                                       • Care and Share

• CASA                                             • Boys and Girls Club

• Fostering Hope                                • Marian House

• Habitat for Humanity                        • Silver Key

• Ecumenical Social Ministries              • Disabled American Veterans

• Engineering Ministries International

Paper Criteria

1. You must use the tools learned in Word and Excel.

2. Your paper is to be at least two (2) pages in length.

3. Since Word highlights spelling and grammar errors, you are expected to correct any identified.

4. Your document should be set to APA style. Set margins at 1/1 all round using Times New Roman12 point font, double spaced text.

5. You must utilize at least four (4) references: one (1) book, two (2) different journal articles andone (1) web site.

6. You must include at least two (2) images, either photos or clip art.

7. You must include 2 quotes with footnotes.

8. You must include 2 parenthetical citations.

9. Your name must be on every page in the header and page numbers in the footer.

10. You must build an Excel chart using data found during your research. You need to include aparagraph explaining the charts meaning. Choose the best chart to display your data, either a Pie or Column. Cut-and-paste the chart into your Word document.

11. Include a full bibliography.


When turning in your project, include your Word and Excel documents in Office 2013 format. These files

need to be combined into a ZIP file. Submit your zip file in D2L by the due date.

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/04/2014 09:45 pm
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