Project #49939 - PBS reviews

For this assignment, you are to watch at least one video from the PBS website and prepare a review on the program(s) that you have watched. The focus of this assignment is the “American Experience” series, and the majority of the programs pertain to the Great Depression, Cold War, and the Presidents of the 20th century. After you access the PBS website, click the “watch video” button. Then move the cursor to the blue “programs” button and then click “American Experience.” Now you can select the videos that you wish to watch. You can compose your review in one of two options. In order to insure that you can successfully watch the programs, be sure that you have a fast Internet connection, preferably a cable television or DSL connection.

Option One: watch any two (2) of the following programs
(Note: some of these programs may expire during the course of the semester, but if PBS adds new programs, I will add them to this list.)

“Annie Oakley”
“Billy the Kid”
; "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" “Custer’s Last Stand”
“Freedom Riders”
“Grand Coulee Dam”
“Henry Ford”
“Hoover Dam”
“Jesse James”
“Jesse Owens”
“The Poisoner’s Handbook”
“Silicon Valley”

“Stonewall Uprising” “Surviving the Dust Bowl”

“Triangle Fire”
; "The Rise and Fall of Penn Station"

Option Two: watch one (1) of the following programs about US Presidents (note: you must watch the entire episode, even if the entire program is 4 hours long) FDR
Richard Nixon

Jimmy Carter George H.W. Bush Ronald Reagan LBJ
Bill Clinton

" After you have selected your two programs (or one program on a President), prepare a 5-6 page review about your programs and focus on these three points: First,



provide a brief summary of your videos and describe the main personalities and events associated with your programs. Second, comment on the historical context of these programs. For example, did these events occur during the Cold War, World War II, or early years of the 20th century? What were some of cultural values and political themes associated with these periods? You are certainly encouraged to use your textbooks, as well as program episode links, to provide that background information. And finally, please present your thoughts about the videos. Of the two you selected, which one did you enjoy the most? What do you think were the strengths and weaknesses of these videos? How did these videos contribute to your understanding of modern American history? (And if you selected a Presidents video, please discuss how the program contributed to your views about that particular President)

You do not have to include a title page. In your opening paragraph, simply state which videos you selected. Please double-space your review.

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/10/2014 12:00 am
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