Project #49845 - Compensation




  1. APA format, including a cover page, abstract and reference page

  2. The papers should be approximately 8 pages in length (not including cover page, abstract and reference page)

  3. No less than 6 sources should be used (the course textbook can be used as one of the resources--Milkovich, G. T., & Newman, J. M. (2011). Compensation. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill) The rest of the acceptable sources will be listed below.

  4. Graduates can choose from the topics below (one from Group A and the other from Group B), however one topic from Group A and one from Group B must be used


    Group A

    1) Gender Gap in Pay   --write paper over this topic

    2) Executive Compensation

    3) Pay for Performance


    Group B

    1) Performance Evaluations - What constitutes a legally defensible performance evaluation?

    2) Employer of Choice - Does this really benefit companies financially?

    3) The Relationship between Job Evaluations, Compensation Practices and Employee Satisfaction  --write 2nd paper over this topic.



    *Sources -

    When an article gives �ought to� advice, it is usually indicative that the article isn�t a high quality research journal article. Such articles are usually found in �practitioner� magazines.  The articles within practitioner magazines are usually heavy on advice about �how to� and short on evidence that the suggestions are supported by anything other than personal opinion.


    True research journals are peer-reviewed, the methodology used in the studies is thorough and statistically sound, and they seldom give �advice� except in the conclusions section, which is almost never a large part of the article. Their purpose isn�t to give advice, but add to the common body of knowledge of whatever discipline they are involved with.  It is seldom heavy on prescription (advice or opinion) and is often �placed� in the current literature so that the reader can easily see where the work adds to the body of common knowledge on the topic discussed.


    As for information obtained from various websites, be aware that any �fool� can set up a website and promote himself as an �expert.�  The information found on a website seldom meets any of the characteristics found in a true research journal and, therefore, should not be considered a reliable source of factual or verifiable information. Information found on a website should generally not be included in a scholarly paper or report.


    The following listing contains two groupings of sources from which to secure information for writing term papers or preparing scholarly reports.  The �A� group contains refereed journals which provide the BEST SOURCE of information about management topics. The �B� group is targeted toward practitioners and is accurate SOME of the time in terms of their CAUSE-EFFECT linkage, but must not be given the same weight of credibility as the �A� list.


    �A� Group: (top tier research journals)

    Academy of Management Journal

    Academy of Management Review

    Administrative Science Quarterly

    California Management Review

    Human Resource Development Quarterly

    Human Resource Management

    Journal of Applied Psychology

    Journal of Management

    Journal of Organizational Behavior

    Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

    Personnel Journal

    Personnel Psychology

    Public Personnel Management



    �B� Group: (management- related journals, not scholarly)

    Academy of Management Executive

    Business Horizons

    Business Week

    Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice



    Harvard Business Review

    Organizational Dynamics

    Sloan Management Review


    Training and Development Journal

    Wall Street Journal


    The Best of Highly Doubtful Websites


    Academy of Management:

    American Psychological Association:

    American Society for Payroll Management:

    Employee Benefit Research Institute:

    Society for Human Resource Management:

    Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    Department of Labor:



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